Real Jaipur vs Virtual Jaipur

Chahe ghumne ko ho kile ya khane me ho ghevar,

Anokha hai Jaipur aur anokhe hi hai yaha ke logo ke tewar..!!

And why shouldn’t it be? As I am writing this article in a free mood sitting on the terrace of my home and having a cup of coffee, at the same time, somewhere a CA born and brought up in Jaipur would be busy in the amalgamation process of two MNCs. Tomorrow at the time when I shall wake up in the morning at 8’0 clock, people aged thrice or more of my age would have already taken part in the opening Jhanki of Govind Dev Ji. In the night when I shall come from my daily tiring schedule at 9 PM, till that time, half Jaipur would be enjoying the family dinner and another half Jaipur would have come out for night walk after dinner.

Recently, on to my train journey from Mumbai to Jaipur, I got a chance to spend the time with a group of 7-8 people who were visiting Jaipur for the first time. As our talks became more informal with the passage of time, gradually I came to know that they had visited Delhi and upper northern India last year and their experience was not satisfactory to the likes of the lifestyle of these cities.

They were not very interested to visit Jaipur too, but since their company had arranged a vacation for them to Jaipur because of their meritorious performance, they tend to visit Jaipur and spend some quality time in the “old fashioned discos” and rare “pubs and recreational activities” (During our conversation, one of the person was continuously emphasizing that there are no discos or such other means of leisure in Jaipur. They thought that Jaipur was all about that old monuments and some antique handwork only).

So the picture was quite clear. They had virtually seen some other Jaipur. Being a Jaipurite, it was my “moral” duty to show them the real Jaipur just like Akshay Kumar showed the real India to the firangees in Namastey London..!!

So I started joining different dots so that I could portray what my Jaipur was all about and tell them the difference between Real Jaipur vs Virtual Jaipur.

Real Jaipur Vs Virtual Jaipur

It all goes like this……..

“Jaipur – a city located in the eastern part of the Rajasthan, a state that is known for backwardness in the lifestyle of the people. It is the capital of a state which is far behind other well prospered and developed states of India.

Yes – you may not enjoy that typical western lifestyle here, but we Jaipurites shall make sure that you can love city, hate this city but you can’t definitely ignore this city. Once you leave this city, you may try to forget this city, but you shall surely not forget the memories that we Jaipurites will give you.

You may not find the loud music here, but modern lifestyle is not about loud music. Discotheques need some moves to upgrade, and we are well versed in showing moves be it at Desi Barat or at the Dance championship.

Yes you may not find several pubs here, but quality of pubs doesn’t depend on quantity, it depends on how well alcohol can be served to people.

And when it comes to serving, nobody is more prolific then us. Atithi Satkaar to khoon me hai hamare.

You may not find the most expensive of brands here, but accessories and apparels become expensive when they suit a person. And when a man wears Red Chudidar Safa of Jaipur over Wills lifestyle ethnic, no other person can look more royal than him.

Yes you may not find the tastiest of foods here….o o o sorry…no such lines about the food of Jaipur.

Jaipur is all about taste in foods. We Jaipurites are foodie in nature and much fond of the side street food. Why won’t we? Golgappe khane ka jo maja Choti chaupar hai.. waisa maja Mumbai ke Hotel Taaj me kaha…

Specially sweets, oh my god… we just love sweets. Gangaur and Teej festivals are incomplete without ghevar, and truly Rakshabandhan is not a festival if a sister doesn’t make Kheer for her brother.

If you have not eaten Pyaj ki Kachori & Mawa ki kachori here, you are surely missing a very delicious food..

Don’t interpret that Jaipur is only about that street food. Need a fine dining restaurant in a hotel, Hotel Ramada & Hotel Clarks Amer awaits your presence. Cocktail/ Mocktail in Hotel Rajputana Sheraton or Hotel City palace is a royal theme of Jaipur.

Did you say Jaipur can’t host good events?

Sirmur polo cup hosts more than 1500 national as well as international spectators who watch the best polo teams playing for the Royal Sirmur cup every year.

SMS stadium, a proud host of various international and IPL matches, proudly watches its own team playing in the fortress.

Jaipur is the 2nd city (Delhi being the 1st and only city) to host Summit conference on India Pacific Island Nations that watched 15 representatives of various countries discussing the critical matters at one table. It was the biggest event in history of Jaipur and shall always be remembered as a token of Jaipur’s hard work and efforts.”

As I just wished to tell some other facts about Jaipur to the gentlemen, my alarm ranged and my dream was broken and I realized that I had slept while writing the starting lines of this article and after that whatever happened was in dreams. And once again I felt in love with my Jaipur – a city that I always love.!!


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