Reservations in Rajasthan Raised by 50% to 68%

Reservations in Rajasthan
Vasundhara Raje, Honourable Chief Minister Of Rajasthan


Tuesday morning, The Vasundhara Raje Government made major changes in Reservations in Rajasthan by passing 2 important bills which grant reservation over 50% to economical backward classes and to Gujjar-led, SBC (Special Backward Classes).

The quotas right now stand at 49% in State Jobs and Education Institutions. If the fresh decisions are implemented then the quota will increase to 68%, which is over the limit set by Supreme Court that is 50%. The 68% quota would mean that less than one-thirds seats are left for General category candidates.

Mr. Rajendra Rathore, The Parliamentary affairs minister said “After detailed discussion with experts we drafted both the bills. Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka too have reservation beyond 50%. Also the Constitution allows policies to be framed to remove Social and Economic backwardness“.  In an interview Rajendra Rathore also said that, Rajasthan State Government would request the Central Government for this constitutional amendment to keep these decisions on quota above judicial review.

The past history of Reservation system tells us that, Earlier when such bill was passed it was further challenged in Court and finally rejected by the High Court in year 1992. The reservation could not exceed over 50% mark.

Mr. Rajendra Rathore also added that “We have consulted legal experts and will make sure this bill will be implemented. Other states are also having more than 50% quota.” At the moment Andhra Pradesh has the highest reservation in India at 66.66%. Once these bills are implemented, Rajasthan would surpass Andhra Pradesh at 68% reservation.

Now 32% is left for the general category. What are you views on the Reservation System in Rajasthan And India? Reservations has always been a topic of debate among us, kindly share your views and suggestions.



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