RJ Ravindra Has Completed 12 Years and He Is All Set to Rule Our Hearts for Years to Come!

Yes, you heard it right! Jaipur’s favorite RJ Ravindra has completed 12 years of successful RJing.  His much-appreciated show U-Turn is a daily dose of entertainment for Jaipurites at the time when they return back to their home from the office.  RJ Ravindra tries to be a daily entertainer for his beloved listeners. His notion of serving something different to his listeners every time has made him fetch a spot their hearts. As per Jaipurites, nothing can beat the feeling when an RJ makes people laugh with his desi connecting punches with sarcasm. People listen to him not just for news or information but for entertainment as well.

According to him, he works with the formula of expression + Desi attitude + entertainment = Bajate Raho!!!

There are dozens of stories of how RJ Ravindra has brought wonderful changes in his listener’s lives. Here are a few notable examples:

  • Vinny, a listener called Ravindra when she was stuck between Gurjar Andolan and he helped make her voice reach to the police.
  • Roadways Head – Ravindra saved a state bus driver’s job by speaking to his head on air and convincing him about the dedication of the driver and helping him get his job back. The listener literally called teary-eyed.
  • Anubhav – a listener called Ravindra when he got stuck in his house due to wild monkeys outside causing mayhem, Ravindra made the call and spoke to animal control.
  • Engineer Ka Thela – upon listening to Ravindra’s, a listener was motivated to open a food cart and change his profession. The person named two dishes after RJ Ravindra.

Not just these, RJ Ravindra has also been a part of a raid! COTPA is another example of how RJ Ravindra was requested by the ‘Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act Authorities’ to accompany on an all exclusive Tobacco and Cigarette vendors’ raid in 2017. He was the only RJ in Jaipur to get an exclusive inside scoop and content from this.

Aren’t you amazed!

So, tune into 93.5 RED FM’s Evening show U-Turn at 5pm daily to listen to Jaipur’s favorite RJ Ravinder!

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