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IIT Roorkee graduates Ankush Sharma and Prasoon Gupta got driven by their passion towards food and Indian culture, and instead of taking a fancy job at a Multi-National company they pursued their passion and founded a restaurant named “Sattviko“.

The already popular (though just 2 years old) Delhi based restaurant chain has ventured in Jaipur. Within a month of its launch, this fine dining restaurant is already amongst the top 20 highest rated restaurants in Jaipur on Zomato.

Sattviko is a casual pure vegetarian restaurant that celebrates healthy eating. Inspired by the sattvik way of life, Sattviko emphasises purity and serves cuisine from India and across the world, such as Mexican, Italian and American that conforms to its rules, such as no onions or garlic known as ‘sattvic‘. The restaurant serves Indian, Continental and Mexican specialties through its extensive menu of meals, munchies, salads, desserts and beverages. The fusion menu curated by celebrity Chef Bhakti Arora of Master Chef 4 India fame.

Strategically located at Jaipur’s GT Central Mall in Malviya Nagar, this fine dining restaurant is spread across 1600 sq. ft with a seating capacity for 60. The elegant and posh interior of the restaurant is aesthetically designed for diners exposed to global food trends.
It reflects an elite fusion of an international theme with a traditional Indian touch keeping in mind their comfort and sensibilities.

After Jaipur, the restaurant chain is also planning to expand their fine dining section in Ghaziabad and six other cities by the end of 2016.


What is Sattvic food?

  • As per ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, food is categorised according to its character and effect on the body and mind. The categories are called the 3 Gunas, i.e Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.
  • Sattvic is the purest form of food, followed by Rajasic which is slightly impure and finally Tamasic which is the most impure.
  • The basis of ‘Sattva’ is the concept of ahimsa (non-harming). Sattvic food avoids ingredients that involve killing or harming of animals.
  • Sattvic food also encourages produce grown harmoniously with nature, and that which is grown and ripened naturally.

How Does Sattviko use the Principles of Sattvic Diet in its Restaurants?

Sattviko incorporate : 

  1. Fresh ingredients
  2. Pure vegetarian produce that has been procured in a holistic manner
  3. No pungent ingredients
  4. Balanced seasoning
  5. Infusion of positive energy and love in the food while cooking
  6. The practice of compassion when it comes to our employees

Ingredients (YES): Brown sugar, whole wheat flour, jaggery, rock salt, brown rice, Indian cow ghee, millets, unrefined oils such as mustard and peanut, etc.

Ingredients (NO): Refined white sugar, maida (refined wheat flour), refined white salt, refined cooking oils, Vanaspati ghee, starch-rich rice, onion, garlic, etc.

Team JaipurCityBlog’s Visit to Sattviko

Rajma chawal Arancini balls

When we visited Sattviko outlet, we found it very pleasing and subtle with Indian Influence. We had full day to explore their menu. The presentation, the debt in flavors and concept seems to be struck bang on target. The all-time favorite nachos with Indian twist was nicely done. The best fusion was Masala Khichdi cones among starters which was very nicely cooked khichdi in cones topped with yogurt. The Rajma chawal Arancini balls could have not gone wrong as it hit the taste buds quite well. The brown rice Briyani is a Rebellious dish as most of people who cook or love this dish don’t consider vegetarian version even as Briyani But it was very nicely executed and I would love to make the same in my kitchen and this would go a long way.

Masala Khichdi cones

In Desserts Malaidar gajar halwa tart seems a very sweet dessert. The dish had a tart with halwa, cream and a small gulab jamun. Usually what every Restaurant in Delhi get the sweetness wrong in a complex dessert as they don’t adjust the level of sweetness and it ends up on a very high sweet note. The Dessert was very well balanced and tasted beautiful. Next and last thing I would recommend would be something particular to Rajasthan i.e. Rabdi Gevar Pastry which again was very nicely done.

Gajar Halwa Tart

Over all the concept is really great and does have International potential.

Team Sattviko Jaipur :

Ankush Sharma, Chef Bhakti Arora, Prasoon Gupta, Sahil Kanjani

  • Sahil Kanjani : Partner, Sattviko Jaipur
    Sahil is a Graduate in Engineering and Post Graduate in Management. He is a firm believer in the Sattvik lifestyle and is in the process of expanding Sattviko further, with a new outlet Jaipur. Sahil looks forward to increase his expansion of Sattviko by setting up more than 2 outlets in Jaipur, by the end of 2016.
  • Chef Bhakti Arora : Corporate Executive Chef, Sattviko
    Bhakti gained fame with her 3rd place win in MasterChef India Season 4. With generations’ worth of knowledge in her cooking arsenal, this vegetarian culinary expert has perfected the art of turning home-style recipes into gourmet dishes.
  • Ankush Sharma, Prasoon Gupta : Co-Founders, Sattviko
    Both Ankush & Prasoon have Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from IIT Roorkee. They founded Sattviko in 2014 with a vision to create a truly global Indian brand based on the principles of the ancient Indian sciences of Sattvik, Yoga and Ayurveda. Today Sattviko is India’s fastest growing vegetarian restaurant chain, serving global cuisine that is prepared with modernized Sattvik recipes.

How to reach Sattviko?

Address : Ground Floor, GT Central, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.
Contact : 0141 272 9000
Connect on Facebook and Zomato

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