Saturday Night PriMa – It’s time to Party Hard!

    Party, this word itself rejuvenates our soul. Isn’t it? Now, imagine a themed party organized at a luxurious resort in the outskirts of a traditional city like Jaipur. It is indeed an exciting thought for any party lover. Saturday Night PriMa or SNP is one of the most enchanting ideas introduced by Heiwa Heaven for its guests. Full of fun and excitement, this new endeavour will bring lots of parties for you. There will be 6 parties every year i.e. 1 party in 2 months to let you release all your stress. SNP will always come up with unique ideas in these parties to keep them rocking every time.

    What to expect from #SNP?

    When talking about parties, we have an infinite horizon of our expectation. Knowing this fact, Heiwa Heaven has planned to keep its every party exciting. There will be no monotony for the guests. Under SNP, they have planned to organize entertaining events, campaigns, themed and weekend parties and many more. Moreover, as the name suggests, Saturday Night PriMa will be organized on every last Saturday of the month which is indeed the best time to release your weekly/monthly stress.

    To be precise, with SNP they are actually allowing their guests to explore a different vertical all together and meet some new people around them. It is surely going to be fun for all the participants.

    Launching this October

    Starting from this month, Heiwa Heaven is welcoming all its guests to participate in their first themed party organized on October 28th 2017. Brace yourself on this day as it is going to be the spookiest Halloween Party of all time. Right from strange spooky costumes to variety of drinks and appetizers, from music to dance, this party will have anything and everything that you can expect in a Halloween celebration. All the dance lovers get ready to groove with DJ Suketu and Minaz on the last Saturday of this month.

    You can get endless benefits, offers and party accesses of SNP with the club membership offered by Heiwa Heaven. For more details, you can visit the official page of SNP on our website or browse our Facebook page.

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