Skin Care Tips: 7 Ways To Pamper Yourselves At Home!

Gone are the days when salons and beauticians were the first answer to our body’s need for pampering. Now that the country is dealing with the outrageous spread of COVID-19, we all have observed the difference in our regular lifestyles. As the restaurants and salons are locked, so the DIY’s are in, from eating healthy to cleansing your feet, let’s all use our thinking hats and pamper ourselves? Here are some ideas we’ve combined up which you can use to relax and indulge in some skincare and body care. Have a look at these and try them while you are in quarantine. 

7 Ways To Pamper Yourselves At Home! 

The following are some ways you can use to pamper yourself and bring the salon at home.

1 Turn Off Makeup & Turn On Skincare Game

We do understand that your love for makeup is everlasting but too much of anything is never good, especially abundance of makeup can damage your skin. It’s crucial to give your skin a fresh session without makeup. Try out skincare routines and follow them timely. Try moisturizers, home-made masks and while you are on it don’t neglect the area beneath your eyes.

2 Pamper Your Feet

Your feet deserve a break and a relaxing session after you broom and mop the whole house. Also did you know that foot soaks perceive special healing powers? It increases blood circulation, a true stress buster, relaxes the muscles and softens the feet. In order to pamper your feet, take a bucket of a bathtub and fill it with warm water, add some salt and dip your feet for about 30-40 minutes. While your feet are soaking the warmth don’t forget to scrub the dead skin cells and moisturize the feet after you’re done.

3 Exercise For A Healthy Glow 

Regular exercises will no doubt make you healthier and flexible, but it’ll also give you a natural skin glow. Try skipping, zumba, dancing, hula hoop or yoga all these types of physical workout might actually make you fit and will definitely leave a glow in your skin. And exercising is prominent to maintain your energy levels throughout the day and it also helps you find a balance in your mind and body. So don’t forget to exercise!

4 Do Nail Art 

Now that the salons are locked and we are in quarantine, let’s try the manicure and pedicures at home. After you are done with them try some nail art? The Internet is flooded with tons of nail art tutorials that you can try using toothpicks and paintbrushes.

5 Massage Your Head

Missing the amazing chamois that relieves stress and calms your head muscles? Get a massage from your homie or try giving one to yourself. It’ll benefit your hair growth, improve your blood circulation and it’ll also reduce the frizziness that keeps annoying you. So pamper yourself with a nice head massage and release all the stress that you’re holding on to.

6 Bottoms Up Detox Water

One must refine and clear the junks from within too, as goes the old saying beauty comes from within. So well exercises, no makeups, skin care sessions all are must but one should not forget to consume detox water too! This detox water will help you burn calories, will keep you hydrated, shall improve your digestive health, boost your immunity and finally will glow your skin as it is infused with fruits, veggies and special herbs. You can make your own detox water using a combination of several ingredients, but you need to keep them infused overnight so that they mix-up well with the water.

7 Nourish, Scrub & Lotion Your Skin

The changing months won’t cease the season dynamics. As the season is changing one may observe dull skin, roughness, patches and flakiness. In order to get rid of all this, you can try skin scrubbing and apply some lotion to offer complete nourishment to your skin.

Readers it’s important to take some time out and pamper yourself as self-care is a necessity. Take good care of yourself, stay home and also try to balance your sleep cycle that plays a pivotal role for your inner beauty.  Turn on the DIYs and pamper yourself with maximum care and caution. And don’t forget to spread positivity.