Smriti Van Jaipur

Smriti Van - The Green Side of Pink City

Smriti Van Jaipur
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Smriti Van Jaipur is a Bio-Diversity forest Situated on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg. During highly destructive flood of 1981 this area was inundated and deep ravines were formed. The area was taken upto plant trees in memory of the near and dear ones. Later, The Government of Rajasthan decided to develop the area as biodiversity forest under the Green Rajasthan campaign. Chief Misiter of Rajasthan Mrs. Vasundhra Raje laid the foundation of Smriti Van Jaipur on 8 October 2005. It was dedicated to public on 8 December 2007.

Smriti van Jaipur
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Smriti Van Jaipur is a wonderful place to visit for tourists especially in the morning hours during a good length of walk. Here tracks are developed for walkers all around the hillocks and the serenity of the place is just mesmerising. One must visit this place for sure. Amid the hustle bustle of the city this place maintains its ambience very cosy and calm.

Smriti Van
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Smriti Van Jaipur is divided into 11 different sections

  1. Vasundhra Van – It is main attraction of Smriti Van Jaipur. Plants like Mogra, Champa, Almonda, Coral trees etc have been planted in Vasundhra Van.
  2. Eco – Environment Museum – Photographs of birds and flowers that are found in Smriti Van are displayed in this museum.
  3. Vrindavan Van – This section contain work on drainage line treatment where slopers have been stabilized by spreading plants and nets in them.
  4. Maru Van – 64 species of Xerophytic plants like cactus, agabe, euphorbia are planed here in good number.
  5. Aravali Van – Various species of plants that are found in aravali ranges like Gurjan Hawan, Rohida, Khejdi, Dhak, Dhavada, Saalar, Gugal, Gangan are planted here.
  6. Sarovar – This area has been dug 5 ft deep for storing water, nine pounds have been constructed. Different varieties of Lotus, Fishes and Ducks have been placed.Immigrant Birds have increased in good number during winter season.
  7. Rashtriya Van – Representive plant species of the country can be seen here. Flowering scrubs and trees like Almonda, Bougainvillea, Sada Baha are also found inthis section of Smriti Van.
  8. Champa Van – 108 varieties of champa plants are planted here. These plants produce flowers of different fragrance and colours.
  9. Java Kusum Van – Plants brought from all over the country can be seen here in this section. Flowers of different colour, shape and size is an attraction and are worth seeing.
  10. Nursery – To maintained quality and variety of plants a Hi-tech nursery is being developed.
  11. Dhanvanti Van – Largest section of Smriti van developed as a herbal garden. About 250 species of medicinal trees scrubs, herbs and climbers have been planted here.

Smriti Van is one of the tourism place to visit in Jaipur for a unique experience of the green side of Pink City.

Wildlife Photography at Smirti Van Jaipur

Few clicks of Wildlife photography at Smriti van Jaipur by Himanshu Shekhar

Smriti Van Jaipur
Smriti Van Jaipur
Smriti Van Jaipur
Smriti Van Jaipur