Do You Love Snacking? Try This Healthy Food Store In Jaipur

Tea-time in any household across the world is incomplete without snacks. And, when you live in an Indian home, you may find a lot of varieties of morsels that are super healthy and tasty for every palate.

And, for introducing healthy Indian bites to all, Govindjee, a quality food products brand and departmental & healthy food store in Jaipur, is one of a kind that delivers some of the traditional snacking delicacies and several other food items both online and offline.

Their brand came into influence in 1954 with the parental branch Vijay Stores, the most trusted brand in Jaipur for manufacturing and processing premium quality roasted products and foods. Backed by the experience of over 70 years, this store is the largest Indian Manufacturer of traditional Hand-roasted namkeen.

 The strategy of relying upon QUALITY made Vijay Stores renowned in the consumer market all over Rajasthan and other parts of the country through their home-grown brand “Govindjee”.

But the story doesn’t end here! There is more to know about this food brand that established itself way back into the market going now Vocal for Local.

Concept behind the Foundation

Vijay Stores started on quite a small scale while supplying to local Markets in the Pink City only. Slowly, it entered the consumer market, under its Brand Name “Govindjee” and became popular amongst the people all over Rajasthan.

Their concept signifies the warm hospitality and delicious foods encapsulated in the distinct essence of Marwari culture in Jaipur.

Therefore, while introducing the unique taste of cultural delicacies, specially Namkeen, Gajak, Dry fruits, and sweets, they made Govindjee departmental store stand out from all the outlets.

Today, Vijay Store (parent branch) stands as one of the brand leaders in this open market of ready-to-eat roasted food. Their aim behind providing the best quality has come a long way as a technologically advanced organization that began its journey as a cottage industry.

And to give consistent quality to its consumers, an adaptation of mechanism for excellence was the foremost step taken by Vijay store.

Products and Process

Vijay Store enjoys the status of being one of the pioneers in understanding the emerging needs of the upcoming market. That’s why while enhancing the brand they follow the traditional food processing techniques, which makes their products health-friendly.

At Govindjee, you can find an enormous range of Roasted Namkeen, Diet Mixtures, Falahari Namkeen, Gajak, Seeds, Dry Fruit, Sattu, and Daliya along with their newly launched Oh Sugar Patisserie.


For making munchies available to the customers, they are consistent with the roasting procedure based on the application of natural elements like water, fire, salt, grains, and pulses, etc. Also, their products are preservative-free and have elevated shelf life because of their unique seasoning application.

Why Choose Govindjee?

Serving the family and friends with the best is something everyone desires. Here’s where Govindjee is one of the ideal local yet famous brands to opt for snacking. This brand is trusted enough on the grounds of packaged snacks compared to the other food products available right now in the market that are not transparent with their processing, ingredients, and quality.

Local Indian snacks that are healthier, affordable, and much more convenient to buy make Govindjee and their parent store in Jaipur pretty great choices for all. Their delicious bites make the perfect tea-time snacks, gifts to send to your loved ones, for diabetic or people with health and food issues, or active balanced ones.


And, if you are still doubtful or looking to buy their food products, you can head on to their online store, You can follow them on: 


For a better experience, get in touch with them on +91 9001081666.

If you are a jaipurite, visit them at:  Shop no 245 – 246 Kotwali Khanda, Choti Chopad, Jaipur, Rajasthan 30200.

Or at another store at D-84, Janpath Shyam Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001.