Soch – A social initiative by JECRC Foundation

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    JECRC Foundation has always shown a keen interest in social activities. SOCH is a social initiative by JECRC. It is all about helping others and making others do the same. As per the name suggest SOCH itself means a new and innovative idea that is aimed at encouraging a process of active thinking among people regarding their actions, reactions and digressions from the basic concept of humanity.

    Vastra – Samman

    “The essence of felicity & satisfaction can be felt all around in the air”

    Vastra Samman is the 2nd phase SOCH which is marked by the bleaming glow and smiles on the faces of the kids and their families. Our motto is of lighting the diyas of festivity and joy in the slum areas which was well accomplished with serenity and contentment on 25th October ’16.

    A grand total of 1250+ units clothes were distributed together in Katputli Nagar and JECRC construction site!!




    JECRC university

    Orphanage Children Interactive Programme:

    “Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.”

    This holds true for every moment of team SOCH’s OCIP event. An amazing, interactive session with these kids rejuvenates our hearts and soul, filling us with warmth. The event starts with dance and singing performances, followed by the performances from these Orphanage kids who dance, sing and act their hearts out.

    Next we have the sports activity session which brings out the child residing in everyone’s heart. Gully cricket, spoon race and many more games spread the vibe of laughter and fun all around. Followed by a hearty lunch and a movie session, goodies are distributed to the children. The winners of the sports activities are further awarded with gleaming trophies.

    The precious smiles and warmth of these children always leaves a huge impact on us.

    Team SOCH hopes to continue this trail on spending a little more happiness and spreading love all around us!!


    No Food Wastge Campaign:

    Another social issue arising these days is food wastage. SOCH organizes an awareness campaign called “NO FOOD WASTAGE”, to make these young minds realize the importance of food. Students are cultivated with a feeling of providing this basic necessity to at least one in a day. In this campaign every individual of our college is enlightened by the lesser known facts about food wastage along the world and thus oath is taken by these individuals in accordance with our campaign. The culmination of our campaign took place with distributing a complete meal to the poor children residing in the nearby locality. Hence, we as a social group helped our society know about the value of food.

    Swacch JECRC

    The next and the most significant phase that we are about to launch includes collaborating SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAN with digitalization, hence we are coming up with a pristine and pioneering idea of SWACCH JECRC under which we took one step forward towards clean India by the means of which we are providing every individual of our college to become cleanliness ambassador. The above works on a basic process that covers:

    JECRC university

    1. Flexes containing QR code will be placed all over the campus.
    2. Each and every dustbin in the campus will have a unique number.
    3. Now wherever someone will face any problem regarding cleanliness they just have to scan the QR code or browse the link.
      4.A form will be popped upon their screen which is needed to be filled by them according to their problem.
      5. Their complaints will be redirected to SOCH CONTROL ROOM and Cleanliness Supervisor.
    4. Rapid actions will thus be taken.