Something about Asia’s (now) second largest Colony in Jaipur: Mansarovar.

Mansarovar, a residential and a posh colony in Jaipur. It was Asia’s largest colony till 2010. Mansarovar also got metro connectivity on 3rd June, 2015 by Jaipur Metro. The area is home to lots of students coming for studies in the colleges located in Mansarovar itself. Mansarovar is a residential area as well as industrial area and also give spce to famous colleges. The colony is divided into 9 sectors including:

Bhrigu path
Kaveri path
Swarn Path
Varun Path
Kiran Path
Rajat Path
Heera Path
VT Road
Aravali Marg
Patel Marg
Meera Marg
Vijay Path
Thadi Market
Agarwal Farm

There’s nothing that Mansarovar doesn’t have. From hospital to shopping complexes to eating places/amazing cafes and a lot more. Famous cafes that you can visit in Jaipur, Mansarovar-

-Tea Connect

-Tea Post


-Mr. Jabs

-Rustic Spot


-Tea Tradition

-Malgudi Cafe

Student life is on top in the Colony. Colleges that you can find in the are are:

– St. Wilfreds



– Akashdeep College Of Pharmacy

– SS Subodh law College

– Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering & Technology

– Institue Of Hotel Management


– Tagore Nursing

As the colony is wide and free, it has the majority of marriage gardens in it. Some of them are- Lions Paradise, JJ Valley, Green Heavens, Pradhan Vatika, My Marriage, Raj Ratan etc.

To Conclude about the area, Mansarovar in it’s cleanliness is the best. Also, the colony offeres solace and utmost peace because the roads are free and not busy at all. Public Transportation is easily availabe and the newly built Apartments are fascinating.

I don't want people to weep for me in my eulogy but remember me as a great art of writing. :)