This Startup by IITians is generating thousands of jobs for Youth in Jaipur & Jodhpur


Qriyo (क्रियो) provides home tutors in the field of Academics, Life Skills, Hobbies and Fitness. Qriyo aspires to be the de-facto go-to place for consumers and providers for the learning based services. For the home tutors /freelancers, Qriyo helps them in improving their skills & earn by teaching those arts.

Qriyo is derived from Hindi word Kriya means activity. Founded by two IIT-Bombay alumnus, Mudit Jain & Rishabh Jain, Qriyo is currently operational in Jaipur and Jodhpur. Qriyo has provided employment opportunities to more than 6500 Freelancers, students & teachers in the past 1.5 years. Qriyo is helping people build a better lifestyle by providing courses for all age-groups. From Academics to Yoga, you can learn & teach more than 300 activities at home.

How can you join?

Qriyo aims to generate million jobs in India by 2020. If you wish to join Qriyo as a teacher, you can register on Just fill the form & give a very short test. If your scores are decent, Qriyo team will get back to you.

What can you teach ?

Qriyo onboards individuals with expertise in 300+ categories. Major categories are Academics, Fitness, Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Yoga, Foreign Language, Spoken English & Zumba. If you are good with books, you can become an Academic Guru. If you love playing Guitar, you can become a Music Guru. If you are a Gymming freak, you can onboard as a Fitness Guru.

How much you can earn?

You can associate with Qriyo as a Full-Time or Part-Time teacher in Jaipur. If you invest 2 – 3 hours a day, then you can easily earn Rs. 10,000+ per month.

What teachers have to say?

Qriyo has helped thousands of students, teachers and working professionals, by giving them home tuition opportunities.

Suhaib Askar, Martial Arts Guru (Mansarovar Area)


“I am associated with Qriyo as a Martial Arts Guru. I have taught more than 50 students after joining Qriyo. Many parents believe that academics and extracurriculars don’t go hand-in-hand. Apart from being a Silver Medalist in Asian Martial Arts Championship, I am an engineer as well as secured 92% in my boards. If I can perform well in both Sports & Studies, then anyone can.”

Rahul Saini, Yoga Guru (Raja Park Area)


“I started teaching Yoga 5 years back. I used to arrange workshops in my city for Yoga. But the amount of traction I received after joining Qriyo has been tremendous. Now I can proudly say that I am only associated with Qriyo.”

Watch his video here –

Nidhi Sahu, Academics Guru (Malviya Nagar Area)

“I am currently in my 3rd year of Computer Science Engineering. I always have free time after my college. I was always looking for some part time jobs in Jaipur. But nothing good came out of it. I heard about Qriyo through social media. After filling my profile on their website, I got a home tuition opportunity near my home in Malviya Nagar. Since then, I have been earning a really good sum of money. ”

Why join Qriyo?

There are more than 400 colleges in Jaipur. Many students look for some part-time jobs after their college timings. Qriyo can be a brilliant opportunity for these students who wants to earn a decent amount of money. If you are a student looking for some part-time job, join Qriyo today. Share your knowledge, live your passion, teach someone and build a better future.


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