Statue Circle, Jaipur – Beloved Landmark Insights

Statue Circle
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You know what’s fascinating and makes you feel complete? Sitting beside an old landscape of the city and sipping coffee in the breezy evening with your friend and loved ones. And, if the landmark is supposed to be Statue Circle, then cheer of excitement and splendour runs within the body. One of the most famous landmarks of Jaipur, Statue Circle is the busy spot that may seem like an ordinary traffic intersection but its far more than that.

So here you can catch some of the essences of the history, architecture, and best visit time of Statue circle that is worth to know.

Historical Crux

Situated in the mid of the busy intersecting road of the Pink City, Statue Circle is reminiscent of the rich history of Jaipur. Statue Circle was erected in the memory of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of the city. And, as a tribute to him, this circle got its name from the statue that it comprises of. This place attracts a large number of both foreign as well natives. The tourists often see this place as they pass by while navigating throughout the city. Known for its historical significance, Statue Circle gives a glimpse of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and his royalty.

Statue Circle Jaipur
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Statue Circle – Architectural Flap

If you take a look at the sculpture of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, it is a life-size statue made of white marble. As the king was known as the ardent lover of astrology, the statue circle illustrates the Maharaja holding an astrological diagram. The memorial is adorned with the beautiful lighting and multi-colored fountains which come out even better in the evenings. The fountain at the statue circle is a delightful sight that gives an unforgettable impression on the souls of visitors and compels them to have a visit over and over again.

Statue Circle
PC : Dixit Chouhan

Best Time to visit Statue Circle

Statue Circle is open for all, and one can visit it anytime, anyday. But, an excellent time is in the evening as city personifies the warm feel in summers and scorching heat throughout the day in the months of March to June. And, for the best experience, if you are travelling during the months of October to January, then you will find the pleasant space and comfort of being here even better.

Located at a highly prime spot of Jai Singh Circle, Ashok Nagar, this place is also famous for spicy snacks and vibrant local delicacies, which are served by the street vendors over here. Ideal for evening walkers, morning joggers, and much more, statue circle has the charm to enliven the spirit of tourist during Jaipur tour.

So, don’t forget to visit Statue Circle and relive the perfect combination of Jaipur’s imperial past and its recent turn of events that are present in the gesture of this incredible landmark.

Statue Circle
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