Stay Home: Grofers, BigBasket, Flipkart To Resume The Delivery For Groceries

Post the lockdown announcement for 21 days, the operations of the e-commerce Giants like Flipkart, Grofers, BigBasket was suspended. However, they’ve resumed their services. 

Well stay home and stay safe is pretty much like an order to every citizen. On Wednesday Flipkart had announced that it’s shutting all it’s services due to the lockdown, but now it’s CEO, Kalyan Krishnanurthy has told the public that they will resume the delivery services for groceries and other essentials. 

This decision of closing down the e-commerce giants came after several reports claiming that the delivery executives were harassed, even after these services were labelled as “essential”. 

Post received the similar cases, the law enforcement authorities ensured proper safety measures for the delivery executives. Various ID cards will be issued to the delivery persons by these e-commerce giants such Flipkart, Grofers and BigBasket that’ll ensure them to pass through the lockdown to deliver the necessary amenities. 

These hardworking souls will be providing overnight deliveries to clear the line of orders that were pending since the past 4-5 days.   

So people are doing their bit, the government is taking measures now it’s just you to stay home and quarantine yourself throughout. The orders will be delivered to you within a span of a few hours or a day for the matter of fact. Please stay home and stay secured. It is up to each and every one of us to do something for all of us. 

Meanwhile keep praying, spread positivity and pay gratitude to all those hard-working souls working day and night just to keep you safe. Please don’t add more to their piled up burden, stay isolated and stay inside. Do not move out even to take a stroll in a park or some fresh air. Walk on your terrace if you need some fresh air but just stay inside your respective houses. And now the delivery is also resumed so just order what you need and DO NOT HOARD. It’s time we all understand that the labour is also in quarantine so the production is really low, so consume as per the need.