Stay Indside: Zomato Aims To Deliver Alcohol Amidst The Lockdown

Zomato Delivering Alcohol | Hello folks, some good news is in the making! Zomato might start delivering alcohol and we have the details. Read below to know all about it.

We all know that Zomato is a pretty renowned food app that’s delivering palatable food within just clicks and is now even delivering day-to-day essentials. But well folks, this popular food app may start delivering alcohol as well. Yes, you read that right. Here’s all that you need to know about this great initiative.

As everyone is aware that the liquor stores opened in the city after a much stretched thirst for a month and more, hence the opening of the liquor stores resulted in massive ques and the norms especially made for social distancing went for a toss. So in order to quench the thirst the big food app is now planning to expand its delivery horizons by including door-step delivery of alcohol. The discussion for the same are underway and if this whole thing works out, you won’t have to stand in long queues and can avail your favored drink from the comfort of your homes.

Although, as of now, there have been no such legal provisions for home delivery of booze, but Zomato and other wine associations are putting their best efforts to make this happen. 

The move if given the permission and initiated well might not just help in keeping to social-distancing norms, it’ll also keep the people around you safe from being the unwanted victims of COVID-19.  Remember the quarantine is not over yet. Keep washing your hands and maintain distance from every individual. Develop a habit to follow these key fundamentals and stay safe and secured from the horrific catch of Coronavirus. Spread positivity and meditate to remain calm during this crucial time.