Story of a Non-Jaipurite sharing his experience in Jaipur

We as Jaipurites tend to love our city; but what do people who come from other cities here think? Do they feel secure? What this city has taught them?

It’s 1 a.m. in night and as I am sitting on terrace writing this article and having a cup of coffee in my hand, a fabulous scene  of lightning Gadh Ganesh mountain in front of me is bringing more colors to the glory of Jaipur.

I often think that being a Jaipurite, obviously, all such things shall look very attractive to me but do they look attractive to those also who are not from Jaipur but living here to fulfill their dreams.

I have a habit of inquiring people about their feelings towards Jaipur and how they look forward to this city.

Almost one year ago, I met some people who gradually became my life; my best friends; friends I can bank upon; people I can trust upon. I inquired the same to them and what one of my friend told was something I need to communicate to Jaipurites.

Vishnu Lada, a CA Final student, a native of Sujangarh, an unknown town on the map of Rajasthan, tells it in own language about his experience in Jaipur  :

“Ek ajeeb sa darr hai Jaipur me; yaha ke pyar me kho jaane ka darr; aur yaha ka pyar me kho kar ye bhoolne ka darr ki Jaipur hamara hamesha ke liye nahi hai; bas apne sapne pure karne hai aur fir wapis jana hai; Kahi Jaipur ka itna pyar ye bhulne par majbur na kar de ki hum Jaipur me hamesha ke liye nahi hai”

Sujangarh Jaipur
Vishnu now feels himself as Jaipurite; and is now an integral part of Pink City

“When I came here for the first time, I was really scared; I was from a town where study didn’t matter much. I was here to continue my studies for CA. I knew that it would not be easy to survive in Jaipur. Numerous questions popped up my mind in the entire Journey; How would be Jaipur? How would be the people of Jaipur? Friendly? Rude? Being such a fast forward city, would people of Jaipur give me importance? Shall they be generous enough with me?”

“It was a raining day in Jaipur when I arrived here.  I had to pick an auto rickshaw from Station who could drop me to my hostel in Lalkothi. And yes my first interaction with a Jaipurite (auto-driver) settled my nerves. Though it was raining hard, he helped me a lot in finding my hostel in Lalkothi.

On my way to Lalkothi, I saw ¼ Jaipur. And I found it even more fast forwarding then what I had heard about it. Multi storied buildings, vast malls, high profile offices and unstoppable traffic; I was scared even more.

But that was just one sight of Jaipur.

In next few days, as I visited more and more, I knew that this city was something different. It was fast forward; but was still carrying that cultural attire that cities like Delhi or Mumbai have lost while ago.”

Vishnu further says, “Jaipur has given me a lot; confidence of interacting; friends for life and an attitude of being traditional with modern”

Vishnu also shares his feelings about Jaipurites;

“People of Jaipur also don’t get much time in daily schedule; but what is appreciable is the festival concept prevalent in city. Festivals are blood of Jaipur and help it to grow leap and bounds. Temples and other religious places all round the city even provide a better opportunity for people to meet and exchange greetings.”

“When persons of small districts like me come to metro cities, somewhere they have a fear getting lost in the lifestyle of these cities and getting all harassment whosoever meet me. But Jaipur is entirely different. People love you, guide you and help your make yourself safe.”

At last, he suggests to Jaipurites,

“Dear Jaipurites, please be the same in future also. You are known for your traditional but modern lifestyle. Don’t get influenced by other cities. You are unique by yourself.”

Can we promise Vishnu and all those people who come from small districts to Jaipur to fulfill their dreams that we shall always welcome them with open hearts and make them feel safe so that they can leave the city but not the memories of Jaipur & its people.


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