Surprise! Dunes Music Festival 2017 is here. Are you ready for it?

Knock Knock Jaipur! Something big is coming to surprise you this Christmas. Filled with lots of excitement, fun, and powerful music, this fest is going to be one of the enormous things happening during Christmas weekend. Yes! Dunes Music Festival 2017 is here, and we are pretty excited to witness it in our beautiful Pink City.

A concept by Live Vibe – Harsh Bawa, it is a 24-hour party, which is going to be in the outskirts of Jaipur in the hills of Heiwa Heaven Resort, nestled in the lapse of nature.

With an immense support by SNP (Saturday Night PriMa Club), Dunes Music Festival 2017 is a promise to be an experience that you would have never had before. And, how it is exceptional from other events know here.

Dunes Music Festival

What Is DMF – Dunes Music Festival?

Aspired to bring the intensifying aura of EDM in India, in the year 2016, Dunes Music Festival organized and came up for Indian EDM artists to promote themselves on an international platform.

DMF generally showcases new talent, who are ready to sway the crowd on their dazzling array of trance, dubstep, and Bass drops. Also, it has made its presence as India’s one of the leading & fastest growing open-air EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival. The specialization of the management is Dunes Campus, Clubs and commercial open air DUNES shows all over India is worth to check out. And, in just one year, the event has covered more than 20+ campuses, 30+ clubs all over India and main commercial open-air annual events in Jaipur.

Heiwa Heaven Resort

That’s why being a throwback to their success, this time Dunes Music Festival 2017 is coming all the way to reach out as an opportunity to a maximum number of Youth including college students, corporates, professionals, and EDM music lovers.

The arrangement is made for more than 20+ artists across the globe with a belief to let EDM flow in the veins of every music lover.

So, music fanatics! Are you looking to seek more about it then, here are the details are given below to drool you into the waves of Dunes Music Festival 2017.

Date: 24th December 2017
Venue: Heiwa Heaven Resort, Jamdoli Agra Road, Jaipur

Dunes Music Festival

Well, just with the announcement only we are quite excited to get straight entry to the Dunes Music Fest 2017. And, if you are also looking for the same then, you can Book Early Birds Tickets now:

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Till then, stay tuned to get more information about one of the biggest fest going to unlock the scenes soon in Jaipur.

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