Svackshee Sansthan – Promoting Child Education In Remote Areas of Rajasthan

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    Having a school in a remote village of Rajasthan where no government teacher wants to go and teach, is a bliss for rural children, especially girl children.

    Svackshee Sansthan is running one full time experimental School since 2010 for the children of deprived communities. Currently, Svackshee school has enrolled 150+ children from 7 different villages. This school is unique in many aspects :

    1. Children have freedom of pace of learning.
    2. There is no imposed disciplined in the school
    3. Mutual respect and principles of equality are practiced in the school
    4. Children are welcome to bring their local language and earned experience in the school which is respected by everyone.
    5. Children learn the value of ‘collaboration’ rather than ‘competition’.
    6. Active community involvement is the cornerstone of this dedicated work.
    7. Curriculum includes drawing, drama, songs, games and activities.

    Svackshee (स्वाक्षी ) school was started as a small learning centre with 8-9 children in year 2010 with the determination to provide quality education to rural children.Currently, School has 5 safe and spacious classrooms for children. Children have safe drinking water as well as toilet available for use. School furniture is also donated by one of the leading schools of New Delhi and Gurgaon.

    Svackshee school practices innovative pedagogical learning and teaching. This is a testing ground for implementing educational philosophy and demonstrating it in behavior. Teacher student ratio is kept 1:30 in order to give individual attention to each and every child. By providing such environment Svackshee school envisions to help children realize their full potential.

    While speaking to one of the board members – Jayant Jhanb, he shared that “Svackshee Sansthan envisions a society where people are enabled and empowered to have understanding and control on their lives, which is free from social evils, prejudices and biases. This will help them to live a better life in all aspects. The meaning of स्वाक्षी is ‘seeing with your own eyes’, and we are working to help communities envision the world around them.”

    Right now, Svackshee Sansthan is looking for well wishers and supports who can sponsor education of these young children in rural Rajasthan.

    This is a must visit innovative school in rural Rajasthan to feel the warmth and happiness on the faces of innocent children who are happy with whatever they have! Svackshee Sansthan is nurturing the future of humanity with their little yet humble and selfless efforts!

    Few Picture Of Svackshee Sansthan Children

    Svackshee Sansthan

    Svackshee Sansthan

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