Sweltering holidays? Hurry!! St. Edmunds School jawahar nagar is waiting to calm and cool your vacations with its astonishing summer camp. Yay!

Scorching weather, too many holidays altogether, wanna kill the boredom plus spend your precious time wisely ? Also want to brush your skills in co-curriculars ? Rush to the summer camp in St. Edmunds School jawahar nagar. Hurry!!

For all those parents who worry about their kids spending hours in these harmful  gadgets and not making any productive use of the day to all those concerned children, teenagers and youngsters who aspire to utilise their holidays while learning and gathering much new experiences in fields they always craved to explore about…well go on and hunt your favourite among all these, i bet it would be a head scratcher for you all.

Self defence

No worries. We have an amazing package to get along with your holidays. Join the summer camp of St. Edmunds School jawahar nagar. Offering every type of classes from singing, dancing, cooking, drawing, yoga, language classes, martial arts, self defence, art and craft, painting, music, instruments and what not. You name an activity and you will find it here.

Classes for Calligraphy
Drawing classes
Basketball classes


– Registration fees is ₹100.

– Per activity charges is ₹1000. 

– For age group between 5-17 year olds.

– Outsiders as well as school students are welcome. 

– 14th May till 15th june (2018) 


1. MUSIC –  Instrumental (guitar, keyboard, drums),  vocal music.

2. DANCE – Western dance ( contemporary, salsa, bollywood style dance )

3. MOTHER & CHILD YOGA / KIDS YOGA – this is exclusively for the mothers too. Spend some time with your child and experience the warm and energetic yoga.  Only kids are also welcome.

4.  SCAN PLAN WIN – this programme is a total body fitness program for candidates above 12 years of age. They scan a person’s speed agility, core strength, hand-eye coordination, body fitness, muscular endurance  and provide an overall report.

5. ART & CRAFT –  painting, craft, quilling, quilling, handwriting, drawing, sketching.

6. GAMES – volleyball, handball, cricket, basketball, gymnastics, kabbadi, skating, badminton.

7. LANGUAGE CLASSES – French learning.



10. SELF DEFENCE – free for females.

So why stretching it too long, enter the campus and explore the world of creations and gather abundance of experience. Before its too late.

Happy holidays!

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