Teej Festival celebration in Jaipur | Two-day Royal Procession

Teej Festival 2016

Teej Festival was celebrated with immense fun and fanfare in the capital city of Jaipur on 5th and 6th August 2016. Thousands of women and young girls wearing their best colorful clothes and adorn themselves with fine jewelry. They gathered at a nearby temple or a common place and offered prayers to Goddess Parvati for well-being of their husband.
Teej procession of Jaipur attracted visitors from India but also lured a large number of international tourists. Thousands of devotees throng the procession, which was carried out for two consecutive days. Hundreds of foreign tourists gathered at the Tripoliya Gate to witness the Teej procession. This was just spectacular! National and foreign tourists were trying their best to capture everything in their cameras, most of them were awestruck at the grandeur of the procession, which began from the Zanani Deorhi at City Palace.

Organised by the Department of Tourism, Jaipur Municipal Corporation and City Palace, the event saw scores of folk artistes putting up a colourful show. High point of Teej procession was the magnificently decorated idol of Goddess Parvati which was kept on a palanquin and carried through the Pink City of Jaipur. Animals were also decorated with jewellery and finery. Antique gilt palanquins, bullock carts pulling cannons, chariots, caparisoned elephants, camels, bands, and dance groups form a part of the grand Teej procession. The palanquin of Goddess Parvati was carried by eight men dressed in red color. Teej procession was a very huge affair, which moved through various places in Jaipur. Lot of Teej songs were sung when the procession moved further. Folk artists and performers enchanted the crowd with their splendid performance. Some people even dressed up like Gods and Goddesses and played various musical instruments. Teej prasad was distributed among the crowd of devotees.

Teej Festival celebration

On Teej, Jaipur city was immersed in the colors of the festival. There were number of stalls displaying the culture of Rajasthan. Handicrafts, traditional Rajasthani dresses, and junk jewelry were some of the major attractions for tourists visiting the teej procession and fair. Other attractions of the Jaipur Teej fair were the traditional Rajasthani mehndi.
Markets in Jaipur were stocked with trendiest women accessories and clothes. Most of the fabric clothes display laheria (tie and dye) prints. Sweetshops kept different Teej sweets but ghewar is the main sweet of the season. At some shops, malpuas were also prepared in great quantities.
All over Rajasthan, swings are hung from trees and decorated with fragrant flowers. Women both married and unmarried love to swing on these swings to celebrate the ‘sawan festival’.

Teej Fetival Celebration in Rajasthan

Teej Festival Celebration in Rajasthan

Teej is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of Rajasthan. Swings, traditional songs, and dancing are the unique features of Teej celebrations in Rajasthan. Women perform traditional folk dance dressed in green colored clothes and sing beautiful Teej songs while enjoying their sway on swings bedecked with flowers.

More Pictures of Teej Festival Celebration in Jaipur

Teej Festival
Teej procession
Teej procession
Artists at Teej procession 2016 in Jaipur
Tripolia Gate

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