Ten-year-old Jaipur girl makes it to the record book as youngest practising playwright.

Ten-year-old Krshaana Rawat, like many young girls her age, believes in fairies and fairytales. But what sets her apart from kids of her age is the fact that she has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest practising playwright.
Krshaana wrote an entire play, Mystical Magical Adventures – The Lost Key, which was recently staged in the city, winning her the coveted title and a place in the record book. Talking about her journey of becoming a playwright, Krshaana says, “I started reading fiction when I was only four. When I was eight, I started writing short stories, thanks to my mom Shreya who is also a theatre artist. Actually, I wanted my mother to start working in the theatres again, as she had taken a break to take care of me. She promised me that she will direct plays only when I start writing. I wrote a story when I was eight which I recently developed into a play.”

The young girl tells us that it took her almost four months to write dialogues, plan a performance and gather friends to rehearse and act in the play. She herself played the lead character in the play which had with 10 other children aged between eight and 11 years. The 120-minute-play had professionals who performed aerial acts and dances and there was 3D video mapping, too. The play traces the story of a young girl, Tinky, and her magical journey with four mystical characters.

A huge fan of fiction, Krshaana loves reading JK Rowling, David Walliams and Rick Riordan. Says the young writer, “I don’t like non-fiction but love fiction – the imaginary world, full of adventures, is great fun. For instance, Harry Potter’s adventures inspire me a lot,” says Krshaana.

Her mother, Shreya Rawat, conceptualised and directed the act. On her daughter’s achievement, she says, “I was just numb when the record certificate was handed over by the official Guinness World Record adjudicator Swapnil Dangarikar. The feeling is yet to sync in. I also want to say that we need to encourage young children as well as their parents to let children be a part of theatre which has a huge potential.”


News Courtesy- Times of India.

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