The Outbreak of Coronavirus Has Led #FOMO To #NOMO

It’s time the usage of the trending acronym #FOMO  meaning ‘Fear of Missing Out’ should be put to rest and we swap it with the perfectly fitted acronym #NOMO conveying ‘Necessity of Missing Out’ which is the absolute need of the hour. 

Due to the increasing wave of the COVID-19 we all are urged to stay put. Not just Rajasthan’s government has taken certain measures to control the repercussions of the outbreak but majority of the country’s leading authorities have commanded a lockdown. But being a part of the country whose population is in billions it’s really a tough project to control the already scattered diversity. The stick-holders often like to catch up on their routine evening walks, the teenagers tend to have their evening football matches or other sports for the matter of fact, some have a routine to see their loved ones once in a day, and some just like to wander from here to there. But it’s time we all understand the seriousness of the situation. Instead of thinking about what all you are going to miss out, and wanting to go out it’s time we understand the necessity of missing out and spread the #NOMO all across the social walls for each and everyone’s awareness. 

In this time of lockdown it is highly crucial for all of us to realise that you DO NOT have to make the most of this time, no one is rushing you for anything. 

  • Use this time to quarantine yourself, do the long promised self-care.
  • Everyone should understand that this is a threat to our entire existence and we don’t know how anybody around you might be feeling. So relax and let everyone relax.
  • Don’t put pressure on your family or friends to BE PRODUCTIVE and finish the UNFINISHED ERRANDS and chores. 
  • Promote the usage of #NOMO and apprise everyone especially those who are highly desperate to move out of the house. Tell them it’s a necessity to miss out and no one’s wish. 
  • Utilize this time off well, let everyone be, let them hunt for their comfort in this entire (tentative) amendment of one’s daily routine. One may never know how someone is struggling and coping up with this. 
  • Some might be suffering from a depression, some might be worrying about the pending debts, some might be worrying about how to run the house. It’s time we appreciate those working hard for us and calm the ones in panic by showing the silver lining in this dark zone. 
  • Be kind to everyone, each and every one is suffering from a PANDEMIC, however one might internally be going through from something completely different. 

So take good care of your physical & mental health and ensure the same for the ones around you. Let everyone know the need of the hour is to miss out the old-routine and follow a tentative pattern of staying indoors.