The Pink City Rickshaw Company – Empowered Transport In Jaipur

    Have you seen women driving rickshaws? Then, the stereotype of breaking this question, The Pink City Rickshaw Company, an eco-friendly transport service will bring a new turn into Jaipur City.

    For driving up the empowerment of women in Jaipur by supporting eco-friendly transportation facility, and promoting a healthy environment, an initiative of The Pink City Rickshaw Company has come up as a not-for-profit section company.

    Under the ACCESS Development Services, this initiative in the urban space of Pink City will have 200 smart, enthusiastic, and well-trained women to drive the e-rickshaws.

    But, it doesn’t end here; it has more to pull-up something new with its keen objective and other unique traits that are worth to know.

    Behind objective

    pink city rickshaw company

    Pink City Rickshaw Company owns two major ideas behind its establishment. First is to employ women from the slums and one belonging to low-income areas of Jaipur.

    For their empowerment to become independent concerning income, they will be driving this ‘One of a kind.’

    And, the second one to impart transportation of Pink City with stylized environment-friendly e-rickshaws in the city of Jaipur. Hence, one can say it’s going to seek the triple bottom line by

    1. Providing a new livelihood source and economic empowerment for young women from marginalized backgrounds.
    2. Establish a profitable public limited company with equity participation by the women. In simple words, the initiative will work as a social enterprise where interested women drivers shall put capital into the company and will be the future owners.
    3. Offer an eco-friendly and classy way to address the issue of growing emission in the city.

    Therefore, it’s going to be one of the major organizations working for women and by the women with certain employments, future investments, and eco-friendly step in the history of Transport in Jaipur.

    Special traits of the Pink City Rickshaw Company

    e-rickshaws in jaipur

    If we tend to look into the appearance of this transportation facility, the rickshaws are attractive, custom designed, and styled on the lines of a royal buggy. This is going to be quite a way enticing for many tourists who want to visit the old city of Jaipur and experience the medieval charms of the city.

    The compact and comfortable e-rickshaws are modified to add a collapsible canopy and ergonomically designed seats. With mechanical improvement for greater safety and also offering a locker for keeping safe belongings of the clients like a water bottle, mobile charger, city maps and much more, it also has newspaper holder beside every seat corner.

    All these e-rickshaws will be running on pre-marked tours, the details of which will be given to the travelers before they begin their journey.

    Travelers can choose between the curated tours, ranging between 3-4 hours and can customize it, especially on request.

    How it’s going to be unique?

    With the smart uniforms, The Pink City Rickshaw women drivers will be trained intensively in e-rickshaw driving as well developing social skills.

    An application, IVRS, marked routes will be the added benefit available to the clients, but more importantly, create a secure system of operation for their women drivers. And, after some time, the public enterprise has an aim to train these women further as guides and tour leaders.

    Being an entirely male dominated profession of driving rickshaw and entry of women in it is going to be a revolutionary thing for everyone.

    Garnering a lot of support from different agencies, a significant number of niche hotels and travel companies who want to provide unique experiences to their clients, this service is first of its kind in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

    We can say it as a novel way of getting introduced to the heritage city and exploring the hidden lanes. The specially customized royal electronic rickshaws, only driven by women, in itself, is a great attraction for many tourists who want to experience something ideal and awe-inspiring.

    Beyond the conventional auto rickshaws and taxis available everywhere else, it has added satisfaction of being a part of a cause of empowering women, helping them earn an incremental source of income and at the same time being environmentally conscious.

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