The Poetry Recital Jaipur

Poetry Recital

8th January evening, the poetry recital’s first premium programme was organised and as it was expected by the numbers in the crowds it was crystal clear to us that now the air of Jaipur is craving for poetry too as it had a place in peoples heart. We organised the premium recitals and the venue was hunger planet that was at Riddhi siddhi t-point
And the show the way we designed it well it crossed our expectations in a good way we decided the theme of the show will be “Jugalbandi-ae-takhalus” and as it was our first how we weren’t expecting this kind off reaction from crowd as they were encouraging us ad they enjoyed it as well as far as we know and after alll this encouragement the poets we cheered up and gave a performance that was well we can’t put it in a word but if we do that was very good they were giving their best we were able to see that in their performance

Jugalbandi ‘participating poets were :
Tapish khandelwal (baniya)-shubham Shukla (awara) -praven nafta-sudhir Soni
Manu chandak(Kalam-nawaz)-bhavya Soni
Rohit krishan nandan-shakti bareth
Ravindra singh (wazir)-praveen Jha (nizam)

Every poet gave their best performance

With poem we even performed some rap songs with the crew of o3(badluck , h-rush, rabbit).
In this wide crowd of poets some nice personalities were there too who were enjoying our show from shubh-abhilasha group Amit Tyagi,minakshi Tyagi,pushpa ji-rajisthan kinnar akhada ,malhotra furniture -harish Malhotra Rohit jhalani-vinita saksena(cricket player),era tak(film artist)
Mitrodya gandi(Jaipur laughter festival),mentor-lokesh gulyani ,Manisha Gulyani. In our guests 22 gowdam business committee Chairman Pawan Goyal, president radheshyam and sanjeevani group Sunil Maheshwari & Rajiv tank.
Mr. Lal Chand and Kritika From Hunger Planet, Prabhat Sharma (A1 TV), Hemant Gopalia, Mayank Gopalia, Himmat Singh Shekhawat, Mr Jitendra (veg mart retail market), Amit Tyagi & Meenakshi Tyagi, suraj Tyagi – Shubabhilasha Group. Jaipur City Blog- Rajat Tiwari , Gaurav from Pragya Yoga are highly important .
This marvelous “premium” of Recitals in which partner were venues & snacks are Hunger Planet (Near Riddhi Siddhi ) gift partner “Shubabhilasha Group”

Blog partner – JaipurCityBlog, TV partner – A1 TV, Choclate partner – Choco Queens by Aishwarya,
And Whole Event Is Sponsored By -Veg Mart retail market, the print media partner- focus bharat .

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