These 5 Items Can Slowly Weaken Your Immunity.

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For a majority of us who think gulping a hot chocolate fudge ice cream or consuming a packet of wafers or finishing the whole candy bar is the best way to binge eat and mitigate the stress. And these are not only meant to divert our mind, but also to sate hunger cravings. Therefore, we turn to our go-to munchies but have you ever wondered this binge eating habit is the major source of our low immunity. This directly affects our health in the long run and in times of COVID-19 it is a must for all of us to boost our immunity level. 

Henceforth we try possible things to stay fit and healthy. After all a healthy body is the wealthiest body. It also keeps the mind sane and healthy eating habits can cope up with many unstable mental health too. But at times we end up overlooking the little things and simply binge to elevate the stress. 

As the whole world is combating the deadliest virus attack. With no accurate line of treatment or vaccination, the only way to fend off ourselves is by building a solid immune system. But building a strong immune system isn’t a piece of cake. It takes effort and self-control. We must learn to part ways with food that has the potential to slowly weaken our immunity. 

5 Items That Can Weaken Your Immunity 

Here’s a list of foods that we consume more than often in order to please our taste buds. But we always forget that these directly affect our overall health, instead of benefiting our body they deteriorate it.

1. Sweets 

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Before gobbling all those delicious candies, jellies, chocolate bars we always assume that just a little bit won’t do any harm. But this little bit slowly adds up leading to excess of it. Excess of sugar consumption causes inflammation and it affects our health by weakening the white blood cells. Now let me remind you all the functions of WBCs. Wbc in our blood is known to fight antibiotics and infections. Therefore, consuming sugar candies I’m abundance can affect the immune system. It’ll finally lead to diseases like diabetes and cholesterol. We don’t want that, do we? 

2. Berries 

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Well y’all must be thinking berries are good for health, why are these on the lift of items that can weaken your immunity? Well berries are good for health. But too much of them is just pure harm. Too much strawberry consumption can weaken your immunity. The strawberries release a component called histamine, which further leads to congestion. If there’s an increase in histamine then this adds a sense of discomfort in your nose and worsens the sinus issues. 

3. Coffee 

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Especially for all the coffee lovers! Well we mostly start our day with a mug full of relaxing blends of coffee. From being the best stress mitigator to a great way to spend amazing time with your dear ones. Coffee holds an indispensable part in our lives. But do we know that the cause of some discomfort is also due to bloating. And bloating is generally due to the caffeine that is present in coffee. Dear coffee lovers, please realise that too much coffee can lead to problems of indigestion, bloating, stomach problems. Other than this, it can also cause dehydration. 

4. Chips 

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Who doesn’t love munching? Well we know and when y’all say chips are the best binge-worthy companions we are with you. But let’s understand that a full packet of loaded chips and wafers can actually lead to unhealthiness. Having salt and fat as its first layer the processed pack of binge-worthy companions is no doubt mouth watering. This causes disorders like high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

5. Ice Cream 

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It’s not fair to say stop consuming ice creams especially when the scorching waves are all over us. But do we really wish to have inflammation and diseases like diabetes? There isn’t any doubt that ice creams are irresistible. But there also isn’t any doubt that the sweet delicacy is loaded with full fat cream and milk. Which altogether makes it high in saturated fats.

All things said, the mentioned effects of the listed food items won’t surely cause all the problems. But they can definitely weaken your immunity. So if you can’t just avoid the consumption of these items, we can definitely reduce their consumption. And add exercise, hot water, yoga and meditation to our daily routine. Meanwhile we take good care of ourselves, let’s not forget to pay gratitude to the hardworking souls. Stay inside and spread positivity to our surroundings.