Things not to do in Jaipur

Each blog enlightens you about the exciting activities that you can do in a city, but this blog will show you an alternate point of view for your coming travel.

Every city has its own arrangement of rule, social texture and ethos, and as an explorer, it is both an obligation and part of exploring the city that we must know about them.


Jaipur is one of the oldest and the earliest planned cities of India, every street you enter will have historic spots and design significance, so by all means you will have sufficient opportunity for sightseeing as well!

Yet, there is something else to do in the city besides that. So the first thing to never do is confining yourself!!

Jaipur has a rich tradition of different art, expressions and sports; the trip to the city is not complete without diving into the complexities of them. Put aside a day to just discover something new and interesting like Horse riding, learning basics of Polo, Block Printing, Blue Pottery or even a traditional Rajasthani Meal!

Likewise, the core of the city is in its narrow streets and markets – so don’t limit yourself! Get out on your feet, wander in the markets and experience all kind of famous food, try some unique jewellery because Rajasthan can never disappoint you when it comes to culture.

Avoid snoozing – start your day early!!

Jaipur gets up early from the sound of temple rings and the smell of tasty traditional snacks ready for breakfast; it would definitely be a wonderful way to experience the lifestyle of the city.


While the city is developing and the way of life is advancing each day, the majority of the population is still deep-rooted with Rajasthani culture, custom and tradition. It will be a smart thought to always keep the sentiments of the land in mind and respect the ethos of the people and the place.

Try not to wear short jeans and skirts in the busy bazaar, where your safety might get affected.

Additionally avoid places of worship, where you may even be requested to cover your head to be permitted inside.

In case you are in the market area of block prints and tie-dye, why not try the traditional attire with a local touch and feel like yourself!


Try not to adhere to what you know! You’ll have enough of the pasta and burgers once you’re back home – This is your chance to experiment and amaze your taste buds. The local cuisine is an incredible insight into the spirit of the city!

Due to the difficult and dry demography of the region and lack of green vegetables, local people here started using lentils, pulses, legumes, milk, curd, and buttermilk, improvised them and turned them into delicious local dishes. To such an extent, that these are now considered ‘Vegetables’ in the food!

While you must, undeniably, test the shifted and scrumptious food of the district and like it in the entirety of its hot brilliance, it is ideal to utilize your discretion while choosing where to eat.  It’s better to stay away from street side, generally secret spots where cleanliness looks dicey in the first place.

There are ton of restaurants renowned for their bona fide local food, additionally known for their neatness, so you can go easy on your tummy while enjoying the local food.

Checking the seals on water bottles you buy is recommended. Or carry your own bottle of water!

Don’t simply confine yourself; there are experiences like our Rajasthani Cooking Demo, where they welcome you to a local honorable family’s mansion to experience the art of making the lavish dishes and a dining experience from there on.



Individuals in every place have their specific way, Utilize your circumspection when clicking pictures and selfies with local people, and trust me, you will get a great deal of solicitations for them.

Offering change to hobos, especially children, despite the fact that a good thought, may get you encircled and bothered as they are kids all things considered, and effectively edgy. So again, be wary. Rather donate to an organization of your choice, even small things like pens and notebooks go a long way in helping the underprivileged.

The old part of the city, Jaipur’s spirit, is delightful mayhem but at the same time make sure that you and your assets are protected. Keep bags, cameras and mobile phone safely with you. Try not to wear clothes that are excessively short or revealing. Public display of affection, even though a natural thing to do, is still a taboo and should be avoided or kept to minimum!

Having said that, these rules are not “that rules”, these are just few hints and ideas from #ThingsToDoInIndia that would make your travel more fun, safe and unforgivable. The city and the people here are warm and inviting, you will definitely gain experiences for a lifetime on your travel to the Royal City of Jaipur.



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