This salon in Jaipur will transform your look to excellence for the wedding

Is your wedding in a couple of months, weeks, or days?

Or you are still engaged in finding a perfect salon & spa for a makeover!

Then, swipe up all your confusion because we have a solution in our treasure for your hair styling, makeup, and overall beauty at one stop, Sizzlin Scizzors.

Being in the heart of the pink city, this salon is ideal for all your grooming needs. Whether you want beauty treatments, hair cut, nail art, bridal makeup, party makeup, etc. there’s a lot for everyone within this unisex salon in Jaipur.

Apart from this, there is a specific range of services as per the needs and budget of the clients. Owned by one of the best makeup artists in Jaipur, Mrs Deepali Chugh, this salon and spa has been known for its top-notch services provided to the customers who term it as one of the best salons in Jaipur.

But what you can look at this destination to get ready for your D-day? Well, here are some of the ideal services that you can pick up to get that admiring glamorous touch.

Hair Styling

Investing in your hair is a must thing because that’s the only crown you never wanted to go off. And, in this busy lifestyle, we harm our hairs a lot. So, for your big day, it is essential to consult your stylist one month before as per your requirement. It is a must to ask and book your appointments for at least 3 weeks sitting for that desirable texture of your curls to get that beautiful hairstyling at your wedding.

Bridal Makeup

During the marriage, joy and smile look best over the face of any bride, but a little makeup is a close runner-up. And, every bride needs a makeup which can make her look appealing and flawless without hurting much on the budget. At Sizzlin Scizzors, the perfection of bridal makeup is done by the bridal makeup experts of Jaipur. There are plenty of brand options and preferences advised by the professionals that you can select to match your expectations according to your skin.

Beauty Treatments

For your special day, the overall look not just dwells up with an outfit, makeup, and shoes, it also appears best in the limelight with the beauty of the entire body. And, right from your face to hair and nails to skin, this is a time to get aware. Maintaining self is an amazing thing that you can do! Rest for the beauty treatments like Facial, Hair Removal, Body Polishing, Manicure, Pedicure, Body, and Hair Spa, you need to treat yourself with promising brands. Moreover, don’t forget to have a conversation with beauty professionals here to enhance your impression even better.


Many of the brides opt for hair treatments, but some forget about the primary thing, i.e., hair cutting. Before the wedding, there is a peak time to set the hair length and volume to get the best hairstyle that you require. And, hair cut or trimming can prove out to be helpful as it discards split ends and rough or damaged hair. So, always remember to include this service in your pre-bridal package to have less hair break and faster growth.

More Services

Apart from all, some might miss services like nail art and hair colouring during the precious time. But, these are typically essential just like other things to accentuate the look that you have been dreaming of. For hiding those pre-ageing greys, hair colour can turn out to be a boon. And, for bringing out the beauty of manicure and pedicure, nail art can add an extra touch of glamour.

Fellas! Your wedding is precious, and to make it memorable, this is the highly recommended and best salon in Jaipur that you would like to consider to get that picture-perfect appearance.

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