Tips for the travelers in Jaipur

travelers in Jaipur

India has always attracted thousands of curious tourists who look for new experience and emotions. One of the most popular destinations in this country is Jaipur, the Pink city. This unique city is famous for its literature festival, breathtaking landscapes of the Aravali mountains, gorgeous palaces, numerous temples and forts, a great museum and a spacious zoo as well as the latest shopping centers that correspond with the international standards. Are you also interested? Widen your horizons in Indian culture, traditions, cuisine and handicraft planning your trip between October and March to avoid oppressive heat. And learn these tips that might be useful for those, who are going to Jaipur for the first time.

How to get to Jaipur: Road trip tips

Jaipur Road Trip
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The quickest and most comfortable way to reach Jaipur is travel by plane. There is a Jaipur International Airport at Sanganer (13 km from the city), and many domestic airlines offer flights from the biggest Indian cities and other world capitals to Jaipur.

There is an option to get to Jaipur by train, bus or car too. There is a Jaipur junction Station for those, would choose 5-hour travel from the capital on the air-conditioned train. You can buy a ticket for each hourly trips using services of RSTC (transport corporation) or private bus companies as well as rent a car and arrive in the city.

Currency and business travel guide

Money exchange in jaipur

To be able to buy anything in Jaipur one should exchange money. The Indian rupee is the national currency, and it can be exchanged for in the bank or ATMs. Banks work from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. on weekdays and till 12 a.m. on Saturdays. All other institutions work from 9 a.m. till 6 or 7 p.m. on weekdays.

Tourist adviser states that it’s better to have cash on hand as a majority of small businessmen simply do not accept credit cards and pay attention to the quality of received rupees as ripped and damaged banknotes are not accepted.

Local etiquette, customs and traditions

traditions of rajasthan

The majority of the Indians speak Hindi and five other dialects. To greet an Indian one should slightly bow its head or shake man’s hand. Never try to touch locals even in a casual friendly way as it is a kind of sexual advance that may result in embarrassment. The Indians also treat their feet not very well so it is not advisable to touch, lay or point them at anything – it is considered a rude action. Another unforgivable thing is to touch someone with a left hand as it is meant for a toilet. Try to avoid even eating with that hand to be understood right. Waiters usually expect to receive 10% of tips from your bill in the restaurant and never serve yourself using hands. Another advice is to prefer conservative clothes as you come to a definitely conservative country.

Safety tips in Jaipur

safety in jaipur

There is no need to ask for essay service help to learn vital safety tips in Jaipur. You may not see the examples of violent crime, but thefts, pick-pocketing and scams are pretty popular there – what can you else expect from one of the most populated countries where all citizens struggle to survive? Try to ignore different men, who offer help in the street, and take care of your belongings in the crowded places.

Among other suggestions and tips you must be aware of wild animals and cattle on the roads, fraud ticket sellers in the street, don’t be afraid to bargain and rely on your strengths when you visit places of interest – they are usually spacious and require time to capture their beauty.

Jaipur places of interest

What to see in Jaipur? There is a variety of sights to explore. Aravali range of mountains offers breathtaking scenery of several peaks. There are old forts and palaces like Aamer Garh, Jai Garh, Nahar Garh etc. Looking for a modern shopping venue with a royal touch pay attention to World Trade Park, while the history of Jaipur can be learnt in the Albert Hall, a museum with numerous collections. To see local crafts and artwork, try on the national clothes you should better go to the Pink city’s old market, while Jal Mahal is an architectural piece of art located beside the lake.

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