Top 10 Things to do/see in Jaipur

Jaipurite or not, you must visit these places again and again to know more of Jaipur. Afterall, the pink city is LOVE!

1. Hawa Mahal –

The iconic Hawa Mahal was built for the women of the royal family to watch the celebrations of the festivals from the small windows without letting anyone see them. The history is pretty cool. Do visit the mahal of air to have a glimpse of it.

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2. Amer Fort-

The fort is the most popular in whole India. And it is massive. Also, the Sheesh mahal in the Amer fort itself was built the king because the queen loved to sleep under the stars but the king wanted her to sleep inside so he brought some architects to build this amazing mahal so that she can feel as sleeping under the stars. You guys must see the mahal because its so beautiful.

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3. Sariska Tiger Reserve-

The tiger reserve is 100km away from jaipur. But that is fun because it is one of the famous tiger reserves of India. You can visit here to see the Bengal tigers and other animals like deer, crocodiles etc. The safari is a must try.

4. Hot Air Balloon in Jaipur-

Wohooo everyone’s favourite. You can see whole Jaipur from the sky and feel like you’re above the world. This is a must trying experience. The view is so amazing that you’ll be wanting to try this again and again. You’ve really gotta do this. Its amazing.

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5. Jantar Mantar-

Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments built by the Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh II, and completed in 1734. The instruments allow the observation of astronomical positions with the naked eye. See the historical sight for some knowledge.

Source: world heritage site

6. Galtaji Temple-

Khole ke Hanuman Ji also known as The Monkey Temple is located 10 km outside jaipur. The site consists of a series of temples built into a narrow crevice in the ring of hills that surrounds Jaipur. A natural spring emerges high on the hill and flows downward, filling a series of sacred kunds(water tanks) in which pilgrims bathe. You can even feed monkeys.

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7. Amrapali-

Visiting Jaipur and not purchasing jewellery? That’s an incomplete visit to Jaipur. Amrapali Jewellery Shop is a must visit because of its so pretty jewellery, you can shop jewellery, and can see modern jewellery, gold and silver.

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8. Laxmi Misthan Bhandar-

The famous and the most historic sweet shop in Jaipur serves the best sweets and the most amazing royal thali (daal bati choorma with lots of ghee) yummm!!!!

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9. Samode Haveli-

Samode Haveli is a beautiful property In Jaipur with a huge restaurant and awesome dining area. The Dahi bada is a must try. If you want to have the taste of Rajasthan you should visit here once.

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10. Bhangarh-

Everyone knows about this Fort. The fort lies in top 10 haunted place not Only in india but the whole world. There’s this palace in which all the ghosts apparently reside. Lol. The spooky feeling is all the fun you’ll feel here. The fort is located in the deserted land and is so big that you can never really find yourself if you hide somewhere. XD

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These are the top places you must have a glimpse of atleast once in a lifetime. Get excited and jump the necessities. 😉

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