Top 6 Resorts in Jaipur | Best Resorts in Pinkcity

There’s absolutely no way we can miss the fun and enjoyment that we do in Resorts. From pool party to sexy view and lot more. We all have experienced something when it comes to the entertainment in resorts and more. So let’s get to know the best and top Resorts of Jaipur that can give you anything and everything.

1. Lebua Resort:

A resort which is a must visit for all the travel buffs. Lebua Resort is designed in a contemporary Indian style. Inspired by the Rajasthani style this resort promised to deliver you a unique experience. The most interesting thing about this resort is that this resort is a mixture of both traditional and modern design. Feel the difference as you walk into the resort and admire the amazing architecture.Make some special memories with your loved one while you stay at this royal retreat. The architectural concept for the Lebua resort is inspired by the craft gem of Jaipur and Jantar Mantar. There are 63 rooms in this resort which are very well built with all the state of art facilities keeping in mind the comfort of the guest.

Location: Agra Road, Tehsil Ballupura, Jamdoli, Rajasthan.

2. Tree of Life Resort and Spa:

Whether it’s a long weekend or an excursion time going off to some spot is continually something which we as a whole choose. There is another resort is Jaipur which you should visit while you are in Rajasthan. The Tree of Life Resort and Spa is one of the best boutique resorts in Jaipur. This resort is set up in 7 sections of land of an area. Get astounded by the shocking excellence as you drive to this resort. As you are making a trip to the most wonderful city in the nation your stay ought to be a paramount one. After an incredible journey to amazing places in Jaipur, Sooth yourself with an intriguing spa at the resort in the wake of a prolonged day and touring at better places. The resort highlights 13 extravagance estates set around 7 peaceful sections of land of an area. Simply unwind and absorb yourself the peacefulness of this spot.

Location: Kacherwala, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

3. Cambay Resort:

On the off chance that you are as yet longing for some more fascinating resort then this resort is the ideal decision for you. Cambay Resort is a world class Hotel in Jaipur that is spread over a region of 161869 sq.meters. Cambay Resort, Jamdoli is one of the best among Hotels and Resorts in Jaipur with 5 star resorts. The best thing about the resort is that it additionally has separate territories for recreational exercises like cricket, tennis, card diversions, badminton and table tennis. It likewise has meeting rooms, meal corridors for corporate occasions and weddings separately. Jaipur Resort offers a fascinating assortment of administrations to its visitors and, individuals that incorporate a business focus, spa, swimming pool, wellness focus, multi-cooking eatery and sustenance outlet.

Location: The Cambay Resort is situated at Agra Highway, Jamdoli, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

4. Lohagarh Fort Resort:

In the event that you are intuition for investing some solitary energy with your cherished one far from the rushing about of life then this resort is the ideal spot for you. Lohagarh Fort Resort is one of the best extravagant Jaipur resort.

This resort is a recompense winning eco-accommodating resort which isn’t simply lavish, additionally offers one of a kind convenience in their Cottages with Private Pool, White Quartz Suites and the main extravagance resort in Jaipur who offer Luxury Tent with Jacuzzi. Live like a King or a Queen while you are at this resort. Lohagarh Fort Resort has more than 10 lavish tents which are arranged on the southern side of our resort zone. The resort additionally has dozen extravagance, roomy and one of a kind bungalows with private pools and every one of these cabins has a characteristic fragrance sent which actually pulls in blossoms to become close-by.

Location: Lohagarh Fort Resort is 13 sections of land lavish green locale spread in kukas, close Jaipur, and 4 km from primary Delhi-Jaipur highway.

5. Chokhi Dhani:

Chokhi Dhani Group is synonymous with Rajasthani village themed hospitality since 1990. Since December of 1994, the 5 Star Chokhi Dhani Resort & Hotel in Jaipur has been serving international and local travelers. Under guidance of Chairman Mr. Gul Vaswani and Managing Director Mr. Subhash Vaswani Chokhi Dhani Group has emerged as a unique hospitality chain due to its commitment to provide guests with unique experience of Rajasthani culture. The pride of Rajasthan and India Chokhi Dhani Group can easily boast itself as a great promoter and preserver of traditional heritage hospitality of Rajasthani culture.

Location: Chokhi Dhani, Sukhdeopura Nohara, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

6. Heiwa Heaven Resort:

Best resort in Jaipur

Moving to and fro with the essence of going to an entirely new place always brings out a thought of excitement and a question, what’s going to be next? And, while exploring the outskirts area of Jaipur, we had our encounter with Heiwa Heaven Resort, a luxurious retreat that is enclosed in the lap of nature with unique ambience and design.

Located around 12kms from the main city, this 4-star luxurious resort has aesthetically pleasant surrounding to refresh the mind and soul of any visitor. Their words of pride “Feel the difference” actually make sense by their way of hospitality, environment, and courtesy of being one of the ideal resorts in Jaipur. It’s so far more than a luxury that can be felt even more when you are to visit Heiwa Heaven.

Location: Jamdoli Chauraha To, Keshav Vidyapeeth Road, Agra – Jaipur Road, Near, Jaisinghpura Khor Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302027

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