Vidyadhar Ka Bagh – Attraction for enjoying Nightlife in Jaipur

Vidyadhar Ka Bagh

With the beautiful glimpse of day enjoyment as well nightlife, Jaipur is a city that never fails to astound natives and tourists so far who have been here.

Entitled as pink city and also known as “Paris of India”, this place is fascinating to admire rich heritage and travel attractions. Whether you have been several times here or just for once, Jaipur always ceases to amaze.

That’s why the government of Jaipur has gifted a newly renovated Vidyadhar Ka Bagh, which is a lush romantic backdrop for evening strolls of every soul.

On 5th June, world’s environment day, Rajasthan Government introduced Jaipurites with a new hangout spot, Vidyadhar Ka Bagh, a 250-year-old safeguarded garden that gives an immense sense of relief because of its magnificent eye-catching view. And, now it is open for night tourism, which definitely gives tact of the best impression for advancing tourism in Jaipur.

Highlights of Vidyadhar Ka Bagh

The garden has pleasing greenery with an amazing artwork done on the walls and roofs of the galleries. Surrounded by the hills and covered with elegant lighting creates a magical charisma in the evening.

And, what makes visitors feel speechless is magnificent lattice and mirror artwork, which spells divine structures and astonishing frescos portraying the life of Lord Krishna.

By seeing it at once, for sure you are going to get mesmerized with the images of dancing peacocks, fountains, dazzling displays, and sylvan lakes present here.

Not only this, an observing site to admire in VidyadharKa Bagh is renewed flowerbeds and unique latticework carving that reveals several shreds of evidence indicating the casual mixture of Mughal and typical Rajput influenced interiors.

Vidyadhar Ka Bagh

Vidyadhar Ka Bagh Timings for night and evening

As per regular native walk-ins, the best time to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature at Vidyadhar Garden is from morning to evening at any day. But, as for now it also opens from 7:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. and tickets are charged at Rs.100 per person.

So, Jaipurites, here you have got another magnificent place to hang out and chill during the evening. Cherish this beautiful gift from Government and don’t forget to take loads of photographs and selfies to flourish up your memories.

How to reach Vidyadhar Bagh?

Address: Ghat Ki Guni, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

Vidhyadhar Ka Bagh is situated on Jaipur – Agra highway.
About 15 km from Jaipur International Airport and about 8 km from the Jaipur Railway Station.

Vidhyadhar Garden is a part of Jaipur’s heritage and culture is an attractive spot to watch and explore the beauty of nature to experience the peace of mind and soul.

Picture Credits: Shobhit Tiwari

Vidyadhar Ka Bagh Jaipur

Vidyadhar Garden

Vidyadhar Park

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