Virtual tour of festivals in jaipur

Koi bhi tyohar ho, Jaipurites ka ek alag hi style hai celebrate karne ka..!!

“Facebook par friends se milne ki jagah agar log friends ke face ko book ki tarah padhne lag jayein, to jyada touch me reh sakte hain.”

Recently, when I read these lines, it amazed me. What was more amazing was the place where I read these lines; on facebook. Yes, being on facebook itself, the guy was advising other people to meet in personal rather than on facebook. Quite astonishing..!!

Since childhood, we have been studying the timeline history in two parts – A.D. & B.C. The way we are indulging in facebook – our future generations shall surely study our timeline history as “After Facebook” & “Before Facebook”. In “Before Facebook”, they shall be taught that there used to be festival time and a person used to greet each other by visiting relative’s house and wishing them with a bunch of chocolates. In “After and During Facebook” time, people used to tag 80 people on a pic of “Happy Diwali” and then used to wish in comments.

Hold on..!!

This is India. This is Rajasthan. This is Jaipur.

Chahe kitte bhi fast forward kyu na ho hum Jaipurites, festival to hum ek dusre ke sath hi milkar manate hai.

Come, let’s go on a virtual tour as to how the festivals in Jaipur are celebrated:-

  1. Diwali in Jaipur

    The biggest festival of Hindus, and the most lightening festival of all. As Deepawali comes, as comes the happiness and smiles everywhere. If you have not seen Jaipur in night of Deepwali from Nahargarh, you have surely wished a heart robbing scene. Although Jaipur looks stunning from Nahargarh every night, but the night of lightening Amavasya looks the most amazing of all from there. Lights everywhere and rockets in sky..! Foreigners shall even pay to watch that scene.

Diwali in Jaipur
Johari Bazar Jaipur


  1. Eid-ul-juha in Jaipur

    Most sacred as they say it, Eidgah watches people in thousands giving a thank you to almighty for all his blessings and praying for a better life. The Arial scene of Johari Bajar during Namaj in Jama Maszid, when people sit in several rows to pay tribute to Allah can’t be described in few words.

    Jaipur Eid, festivals in jaipur
    Eid-ul-juha Prayers in Jaipur


  1. Christmas in Jaipur

    Not many Christians reside in Jaipur, but celebration is still vital. Churches all over the city are filled with holy prayers and Christmas trees are well decorated to welcome Santa Clause. Visit malls and “Santa” shall surely give you nice gifts…!!

    Christmas Jaipur
    Christmas Celebration at Gaurav Tower Jaipur


  1. Makar Sankranti in Jaipur

    Our very own festival. Shayad hi koi terrace ho jo 14th January ko khali rhti ho Jaipur me. Yes Jaipurites are damn crazy about kites. Visit Haldio ka Bazar in the midnight of 13th – 14th and you shall not get a place to even park your vehicle. When you shall wake up in the morning on 14th, half Jaipur would have already started flying kites and other half shall be busy in setting DJ’s that shall be played the entire day. “Wo Kata” you can hear this voice anywhere and everywhere..!

    Kite Festival Jaipur, festivals in jaipur
    Makar Sakranti in Jaipur

Jaipur’s Ganga Jamuni Sanskrati is best illustrated when the Ganesh Shobhayatra passes through Moti Doongari Road, a muslim populated area. People take active participation in all arrangements and ensuing success of the event. The same can even be illustrated during the time of Moharram when Tajias passes through hindu populated areas.

Jaipur also celebrates Holi with extreme Joy. Sounds all over the Jaipur along with Bhaang & lots of colour..!!

To conclude, Choti Kashi, as Jaipur is fondly called, shall always be a pioneer in carrying the rich tradition and heritage, for which India is famous all over the planet. Proud to be a Jaipurite.!!

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