‘Vo Kaate’ Looks Like Makarsankranti Is Back In Jaipur!

Well certainly the spread of COVID-19 is like an invisible monster.Affecting the economy, routine-lifestyles, eating habits, schedules, wages and basically everything. Each and everything is either changed or put to halt since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Since we all are asked to stay in quarantine and maintain social distancing. All that is permitted is to stay indoors and keep distance as much as you can. 

Well the Jaipurites moulded it and made another reason to fly kites and fill the negative sky with vibrant colors. It’s beautiful to see many souls out in the open still inside maintain the social boundary, connecting with each other through paper and thread, bonding over ‘Vo kaaatee’ 

Since the past few days post 5:30 the sky’s been painting a beautiful scenery of colours. Obviously it’s not the time to celebrate, but well how to really kill the lockdown boredom?

So most of the Jaipurites have come up with this distant way to socialize and equally avoid the horrendous catch of COVID-19.  

It’s these minute moments that showers happiness amidst the dingy surroundings of no contact with any outsider. 

We plead all the readers to spread positivity out in the universe instead of forwarding negativity and restlessness. Keep on paying gratitude to those working for you while you relish the comfort and warmth of your houses.