Waffle lovers ! Here are 5 amazing places in Rajapark to cherish the taste of waffles.

Hey waffle lovers Raja park is ready to treat you all with the delicious yet tummy satisfying soft and creamy waffles just for you.
here is a list of the yummy places offering the luscious waffles only for you…let’s see.


from the monotonous waffles to the unique bubble pizza waffles the place is open to feed you from 1pm to 11pm.
Visit this waffle studio situated at vyas marg ,raja park and enjoy the mouthwatering waffles and other bakery items as per your preferences. Yay!!

Try out the belgian chocolate and golden affair waffles for sure you would love it.


The Waffle Mania offers you the ‘ make your own waffle ‘ choice on its menu where you can claim your preference and taste for every flavour you would like to feed yourself with. Along with the make your own waffle the poace offers you the sandwich waffles of around four flavours of oreo, nutella, dark chocolate and gems flavoured sandwich waffles.

The place is up to feed you the delicious waffles from 2pm to 11pm. Situated at tilak nagar ,gurunanak pura ,lane 1. Must try the CHOCOLATE DEATH WAFFLE.



Invites you to try out the yummilicious waffles served in an amazing ambience with great lights, music and staff which is all trained to show you the way outside feeding you a big smile of staisfaction and care.

The place treats you with finger licking waffles from 12noon to 11pm ,
situated at gurunanakpura rajapark. Must try the red velvet waffle much innovative yet appetizing all in one.

4. BFFS :

Treats you with the flavourous sapid waffles with creamist chocolate and white choco chips hiding inside the delicate and multi layered extra delicious waffles. from nutella, oreo ,dark chocolate to redvelvet ,white chocolate and hazelnut the place offers you abundance of flavours your tongue would admire at once.

Visit the plot 4 in gurunanak pura, rajapark and you will find this place of flavours ready to feed your tummy from 12noon to 12midnight yay !


Situated near Parnamimamdir chauraha ,rajapark the place welcomes all the waffle lovers to taste and admire the delectable waffles with scrummy layers of cholcolate and all sorts of delcious flavours go on and explore the toothsome flavours and extra tender waffles in town.

The place is open from 11am to 11pm . Must try the towers of waffle and satisfy the cravings of your tongue and your tummy.

So get set to enjoy some scrummy and sweet taste of waffles in the streets of Rajapark. Yay.