Waiting time at Airport Porch extended by 2 minutes

The Airport Authority of India, Jaipur has increased the porch time from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. According to the authorities, this is done on an experimental basis and if this new porch time would cause traffic jam or congestion, they will again enforce the previous timing.

The extension in the time has been done bowing to the pressure from travellers and taxi drivers. They feel that 3 minutes is very less time to pick someone from the arrival or drop someone at the departure. 

The Airport Authority earlier announced that vehicles that are halted in the porch area for more than 3 minutes will be fined. This announcement gave rise to resentment and objections from the travellers and taxi drivers both.

The official at AAI, Jaipur still feels that 3 minutes is enough time to pick or drop someone at the porch. However, the pressure and demand from the people made them extend the timings. And the officials maintain that if they find this new timing troublesome, they will bring back the last timing.