While Jaipurites Observed Janta Curfew On Sunday, The Flapping Birds Filled The Empty Streets Of Walled City

On this Sunday, the entire country, including our Pinkcity observed Janta Curfew and with the echoing silence around the streets, the buzzing energy was hardly any and this is what happened in the Walled City. 

Post the natives restored to stay indoor to promote the #breakthechain of COVID-19 which has been increasing it’s circle day by day. Hence the Jaipurites understood the need of the hour and they stood inside on the day of Janta Curfew but amidst the growing health concerns, increasing panic, the nature, environment, animals especially the birds seemed to have a gala time. 

Walled city, which otherwise is heavily crowded, wore a deserted look on the day of Janta Curfew. The little pigeons took it upon themselves to bask in the glory of these unattended streets.

These birds were seen and captured strutting around the area, actually having a gala time while the humans stayed caged inside their humble homes. All this brightens the fact that we’re all a part and parcel to a sacred system and that living in cooperation is the pressing need of the hour.

A heart-warming sight amidst the scattered chaos, isn’t it?!

Let’s unroll these lockdown days with positivity, calmness and optimism. Keep praying, send in positivity and chanting.

Practice yoga and wash your hands, but listen don’t keep the water running for long. In the time of crisis let’s not open anymore.

Stay healthy, Stay safe, Stay home.