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    Well recently I read an article stating *7 Reasons why living in Jaipur is awesome* which didn’t impress me well because Jaipur is way more than what was mentioned out there. Being a Jaipurite who loves the aroma and the magical presence in the air of this particular city ignited a spark inside me to write an article about:

    Why Jaipur is Best Place to Live in

    Welcome to Jaipur
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    Jaipur was founded by the king Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh which gave the city it’s name – JAIPUR. The capital of the largest state of India – Rajasthan, is not only famous for it’s rich history but also for it’s rich culture and heritage that included several palaces and forts. The largest city of Royal state of Rajasthan was painted for the British Royal visit. The walls of this classic holiday destination are enriched with the melodious art that speaks more about the richness of its history. There are various variables that attracts tourist to this city of kings and queens out of which a few of them are listed below:

    1. Pollution level is MODERATE:

    When compared with other growing cities of India; Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai to name a few, Jaipur is a better place to live in because of its lower pollution level and the positive externalities that the environment creates. It gives a more calmer and soothing mood to relax. On a cloudy day one can visit the Jhalana forest to seek pleasure of the beauty of environment and can feel the existence of different species.

    2. Very rare chances of getting stuck in the TRAFFIC:

    Unlike the more developed cities of India, one can easily visit places in Jaipur without getting stuck in traffic which saves both time and of course energy. All the energy that you will be needing in this city is walking up to the top of the fort, swapping markets in the city area and visiting all the temples. Well all you need is the will to walk up to the forts and temples.

    BRTS Jaipur

    3. Tourists spots and their rich history of existence:

    History as a subject can never be felt boring because Jaipur tops the list when it comes to History of our own city. From the palaces to the forts to the PINK CITY itself; walls of each and every spot screams to utmost level and reflects its beautiful history. Be it Hawa Mahal or city palace, you yourself would feel a part of the royal family once you are there.

    Amber Fort Jaipur

    Amer Fort:

    Amer Fort Located high on a hill, it is the principal tourist attraction in the Jaipur area. The aesthetic ambiance of the palace is seen within its walls. Constructed of red sandstone and marble, the attractive, opulent palace is laid out on four levels, each with a courtyard. It consists of the Diwan-e-Aam, or “Hall of Public Audience”, the Diwan-e-Khas, or “Hall of Private Audience”, the Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace), or Jai Mandir, and the Sukh Niwas where a cool climate is artificially created by winds that blow over a water cascade within the palace. Hence, the Amer Fort is also popularly known as the Amer Palace.

    Hawa Mahal:

    Jaipur’s most distinctive landmark, the Hawa Mahal is an extraordinary, fairy-tale, pink sandstone, delicately honeycombed hive that rises a dizzying five storeys. It was constructed in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh to enable ladies of the royal household to watch the life and processions of the city. The top offers stunning views over Jantar Mantar and the City Palace one way, and over Siredeori Bazaar the other.

    Hawa Mahal
    PC : Chris Rathore

    Albert Hall museum:

    Albert Hall museum is the oldest museum of the state with a lot many stories stored in it. The exterior of this monument carries its own grace and brings on vibes to explore it even more. You’re not a Jaipurite until you’ve got a picture clicked outside Albert hall with those pigeons.

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    How can one forget Nargarh fort when describing the beauty of Jaipur. Yes, Nargarh is one major reason to wake up at 5 in the morning even in those lazy summer holidays and catching up with friends because hangouts here means NARGARH and JAIGARH fort.

    Nahargarh fort
    PC : Tarun Tiwari

    4. Foodie in Jaipur:

    If you are a foodie then Jaipur is the place for you to enjoy each and every flavour. From Kanchan kessari to the street food of Bapu Bazaar, you’re definitely gonna lick your fingers a lot many times after tasting the variance of spices and sweetness of sweets in the dishes served. Rajasthan has always known for its delicious traditional candies. A favorite gehwar, a crunchy orange honeycomb-like disc made from cottage cheese. Probably the best-known candy shop in town is within the restaurant Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar (LMB). 
    “Padharo maharay des” is the best welcoming line when one enters India, and Rajasthan being the most appealing state welcomes each one of us whole heartedly, which can be seen in the places like Kanchan kessari, Choki Dhani and Apron Gaon. The aroma and ambience of these places attracts everyone in such a way that one would think of staying here forever. The traditional dances being performed, variations in the classical music, list of food being served in the special Rajasthani THAAALI and what not makes a day #wellSpent and of course memorable.
     Rajasthani Thali

    5. SHOPPING in Jaipur:

    Be it Jewellery or Traditional attire or Home Decor’ or what not, Pink City is all you  need to visit if you’re a shopaholic. Jaipur is home to India’s largest and the most fabulous collection of jewellery of all types – precious stones and gems, semi-precious and jewellery with a limited warranty.

    SHOPPING in Jaipur

    And Johari Bazaar — one of the earliest Jaipur shopping places where you can buy all these. The plethora of choices and amazing designs will leave you spellbound, especially the wonderful handmade, delicate jewellery.

    Jaipur Jooti

    Although you can find some beautiful clothes and textiles in Nehru Bazaar, the main attraction of Nehru Bazaar are the traditional joothis, which looks vibrant with multi-colored design.

    Rajasthani Bangles
    Tripolia Bazaar is known for its lac jewellery and the beautiful varieties of bangles is the best shopping area is Jaipur. Shop for the textiles in Tripolia Bazaar.

    Jaipur Handicrafts

    Chandpol Bazaar, one of the traditional shopping markets in Jaipur, is where the creativity comes alive; where you can come across handicrafts, carvings made out of marble and other hand-looms.

    Kishanpol Bazaar
    Kishanpol is best known for textile goods which can be bought at reasonable prices. It is also one of the best places to visit in Jaipur for shopping, to get your loved ones some wooden souvenirs; as Kishanpol Bazaar is home to many skilled artists renowned for their unique wooden carvings.

    Sireh Deori Bazaar
    Sireh Deori Bazaar, opposite to the famous Hawa Mahal is a perfect place for window shopping and street shopping in Jaipur, since you get a glimpse of the overall shopping items available here. Leather shoes, puppets, knickknacks and some unique hangings can be picked up from here, which are exclusive make of Jaipur.

    Jaipur for shopping

    6. Pre-Wedding Shoots in Jaipur:

    As I entered the phase of Wedding, nobody can afford to miss a pre-wedding shoot in those palaces and forts, giving every picture a royal touch. 
     wedding shoots in Jaipur

    7. Now the major reason of why JAIPUR is the best place to live:

    Because bro, everyone jell up so easily with one another. It’s not that *NOBODY gives a damn about the person standing next to you*, people here do care about you even though you are a stranger. There’s still a lot of bonding between neighbours that you can still catch them up in the evening sharing a cup of tea with each other, singing those old Marwadi songs at the time of wedding, children helping each other during festive season or any family function and not just sitting at home and playing games on tablet.

    Once you yourself would visit this beautiful royal city of Rajasthan, you would definitely feel a connection here as if you are a part of it since a very long time. You’ll meet people with whom you can share your travel stories, you’ll meet people who would guide you in a perfect manner. You’ll meet people who might become a part of your family.

    There’s a lot more in Jaipur but the combination of these 26 letters can never summarize what exactly Jaipur is. But dear Jaipurites, you give me your reasons in the comment box below stating why you think that Jaipur is the best place to live in. 

    Author – Diksha Harsh

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