Will Jaipur make it to top 10 in cleanliness ranking?

Though the possibility of Jaipur, making it to the top ten cities in Swachh Survekshan 2018 looks weak but the team of Swachh Bharat has gathered information about how the city and it’s citizens are doing with the door to door service of garbage collection and much more.

The capital, out of 51 cities is at 33rd spot having over 10 lakh population. Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh heads the list with 231.80 points, while Jaipur has 57.77 points.
As asked by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC), the team said that due to the poor door to door garbage service and also failure to make the city open- defecation free the ranking of the city is going down.
As surveyed further, the team got to know about the user happiness index that is not touching to the mark. As well as user engagement and agency responsiveness is lagging behind.

source: timesofindia

On gathering information further and surveying a bit more, the results that have come to the knowledge are that the ‘citizen happiness’ index, out of 5,421users, majority of people have remarked ‘dissatisfied’. As per the ministry of housing and urban affairs official website – swachh-.city, so far 2,919 residents expressed dissatisfaction, while 2,308 said they were satisfied with the JMC’s services. A total of 194 people gave ‘neutral’ response.
The ministry had made several promises to the citizens but till now is failing to fulfill them. As appointed by the Center’s of Swachh Bharat Mission, the team from union ministry of housing and urban affairs had conducted a three day survey of Jaipur. The team visited place to place in the city to know about the door to door garbage services and whether the GPS is used to monitor the vehicles of garbage collection as assured by the ministry.

source: timesofindia

All the survey and information has been collected. The result is awaited till April- May. Jaipur is now hoping that its rank should improve a bit as among the states, maximum number of 5.9 lakh people have given their feedback in Rajasthan, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, the data available in public domain revealed.

Citizens feedback is important in the ranking of cities as it is entertained by 35% of weightage on the scale. It includes face to face interviews, interactive voice responses, telephone calls and responses that come through Swachh Survekshan web portal.

Now it is upto the citizens to keep the city clean and also to the civic bodies to make it up to their promises. As if improved further with great enthusiasm, our Jaipur is not away from showing up in top 10 cleanliness ranking.

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