Winning the award for Dream Home 2017, Madhur Bumb makes Jaipur proud again

The horizon of Indian Architecture is changing with each new day. The fact that design innovation is taking over the Indian Landscape has led to the fresh development in the domain of architecture.

Jaipur recently hosted the Annual Concrete Day celebration of the Indian Concrete Institute graced by leading architects and construction technocrats from around the country. Every year as part of the grand celebration, the distinguished jury of ICI identifies and rewards the experts in the field for their contributions to the development of building technology and architecture.

Winning the award for Dream Home 2017, Madhur Bumb makes Jaipur proud again
Mr. Madhur Bumb

The idea behind the ICI Awards is to bring to light such efforts that recognize the drive, imagination and creative thinking of individuals & groups.

This year, Mr. Madhur Bumb, principal architect of MB Consulting, bagged the “Dream Home-2017” ICI Award for creating the most outstanding residential structure in Rajasthan with architectural innovation and unprecedented sculptural facade.

We spoke with the man himself, to know what has made him win it and how is he conquering the world of design innovation.


  1. First and foremost, tell us about your thoughts on winning this prestigious award?

It is hard to put it into words but if you ask, it is very encouraging to have some of the most accomplished technologists in our field judge your work to be a winner. These are the individuals who are incessantly working for innovation in architecture and engineering, they are practically authorities on the subject.

  1. Tell us about your journey through designing the winning Dream Home? What do you feel is the greatest challenge in building a superior design for the built environment?

When we first started out, the aim was simple – to create something unique like never before. Easier said than done, of course! So I started out like everyone does, with a pen and a blank paper, which remained blank for quite some time.

There was a series of meticulous planning which was converted into physical and digital 3D models, and at each stage, when we saw an opportunity to progress, we also met with a constraint, one of the major constraints being gravity!

Designing, of course, is one thing, a greater challenge was to get it built, to get the consultants and more importantly the local labor and contractors on board. It is safe to say that no one thought this was possible till with each step we made it possible.

  1. What makes an award-winning residential architecture project?

Every competition is different and I don’t think there is an objective checklist to create an award-winning building. Originality is certainly a key factor. I always say architecture is an art, a science and everything in between. In order to create an iconic design, we have to allow the artist in us a free hand and pave the path for logic as we go. We have to take the risk.

  1. What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work? What do you want to be remembered for?

I have always believed that architecture must be symbolic of the times we live in and the lifestyles that we follow; therefore we always strive to push the confines of possibility and harness the true potential of modern architecture and engineering. My aim is to contribute with the intention of defining this era and having my designs built just as I have envisioned and created them.

Winning the award for Dream Home 2017, Madhur Bumb makes Jaipur proud again
Winning the award for Dream Home 2017

It is a moment of pride and motivation for the people of Jaipur to have such an inspiring architect in the city. For decades, the world has been enamored by Howard Roark, the legendary protagonist of the famous novel, The Fountainhead (by Ayn Rand). Roark is a young architect who designs modernist buildings and strives for innovation. Roark embodies what Rand believed to be the ideal man. It seems, he is real and he is Madhur Bumb.

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