With 75% Recovery Rate of COVID-19, Rajasthan Tops National Average!

The recovery rate of Rajasthan is 75% in COVID-19 cases which is the highest in the country. The Principal of SMS medical college, Dr. Sudhir Bhandari claimed that the state has achieved the highest rate of recovery in India through the best of healthcare facilities, advance actions and on time administrative action.

Source: IndiaTVnews

As per the recorded date, The recovery rate is above the national average of 50.59% with 162,378 COVID-19 patients discharged healthy from hospitals across the country. Even the number of active cases recorded is below 3,0000. 

Although Jaipur and Jodhpur have reported a high number of COVID-19 cases at 27 and 75 respectively. 

Even Palu and Bharatpur have witnessed a rising bar of COVID-19 cases. On Saturday there were around 62 and 39 infections, as per the recorded data. 

Country’s COVID-19 tally has gone beyond 3.2 lakh on Sunday after nearly 12,000 new cases and 311 deaths, said the Union Health Ministry. 

Yes the cases are still rising, and the curve is not yet flattened however the rate of recovery in Rajasthan is more than 70%. Which is indeed a great news, but let’s contribute by taking the mentioned precautions for COVID-19 seriously. Keep washing your hands and don’t forget to sanitize before touching anything new. 

Stay inside as much as you can and spread positivity. Try to help the ones in need and empathize. Take good care of your grandparents, keep apprising them about the current situation and pray for better days. 

Source: Indiatvnews