An Interview with Young Zumba Instructor – Shefali Jain

“Dance like no one is watching” and this quote suits well on the technique of Zumba workout which is regularly headed by the young Zumba Instructor “Miss Shefali Jain”. Being passionate about fitness and dancing, Shefali teaches Zumba at her Shefali’s Dance and Fitness Studio. Apart from appealing personality, she is a beautiful soul with lots of energy which has led her to the best of both worlds.

Zumba Trainer - Shefali Jain Jaipur

Check out what she has to exclaim about her life and her journey as a Zumba instructor which is still more ahead: 

When did you discover Zumba?

“By watching regular fitness videos and magazines, I came to know about Zumba. So, one year back I thought to grab a Zumba license. From my pocket money, I somehow managed to attend the two days workshops in Mumbai of 10hrs a day where I also got certifications. On 18th March 2016, I professionally received the permit.”  

You chose it out of your fitness passion or was it a random catch of your life?

“My urge of dance drags me to learn Zumba as dance is one of the best way to achieve fitness. So, you can say that it’s out of Fitness passion☺.”

Shefali’s Dance and Fitness Studio

Apart from Zumba, what are your other interests that you follow on a regular basis?

“I have been into Yoga, Aerobics and Wedding event choreography too. And, I have also done Visharad in Kathak. When I was in 7th class with the studies, I joined the dance and continued Kathak also for 5years. So, along with Zumba, I also look up at all these activities on a regular instinct.”

Who was your support system when you came up with your Shefali’s Dance and Fitness Studio?

“My best friend and my family encouraged me that I should go on with my passion and built it as a profession. As when it’s my part of education, I am a qualified CS (company Secretary passed from ICSI), so people always have this question why you are not doing a job as you are CS why you are teaching Dance? And, they also go with the typical words that Itti padhai ki kyon thi agar dance hi sikhana tha toh.

But, my best friend and my family always said that follow your passion for dance and fitness don’t listen to others. In short, I can say they are my strength. ☺”

Shefali’s Dance and Fitness Studio

Do you have any certifications of Zumba dance?

“Yes! I am Level 1 certified by Zumba Fitness, LLC which is based in Hallandale (US). And, I also used to attend workshops regularly. So, you can say that there are more certifications I want to achieve. 

How many calories can an individual burn in a Zumba Class?

“Approximately, a person can burn 800-1000 calories in a Zumba class.”

Out of curiosity, how remunerative is a career as the Zumba Instructor?

“It’s splendid, right now I am Zumba instructor in JW Marriott, in Cambridge court world school, and now there are many upcoming corporate projects for Zumba that are coming on my list.”

What’s your proudest achievement in your field till date?

Professionally, I have started Zumba one year back. So, according to that, I can say future will be excellent. Whatever I am doing on a regular basis is proudest. My current work profile and dance studio everything is what I have dreamt of.


Zumba is identified internationally. But, still many people are unaware of it. So, do you get routine inquiries and counseling session of this dance practice?

Yup, through my marketing I receive calls for Zumba but still, people are not aware of this form of exercise. They usually ask what Zumba is? How we do it? So, my motive is to make people crazy for this fitness trend.

Zumba is High-intensity total body workout, combining all elements of fitness-cardio, boosted energy, flexibility and lots of fun with loud music. I can say it is the most fun way to reduce weight.

What’s the best thing about your Zumba Sessions?

“My Zumba session is always stress-free and like we are having a party. We do it for one hour, and the entire duration is always like a breath of fresh air (many breaths actually). We let out our inner Indian streak and dance like no one is watching just like super crazy people. ☺

Generally, in my class people like Bollywood tracks and Zumba steps on Chammak Challo or Punjabi songs. Sometimes we add beats of Bhangra also in the latest Hindi party songs like Ladki Beautiful, Desi Look and lots more.

Apart from Zumba rhythms (Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Salsa, Belly Dance) I prefer Bollywood genre. And, it goes amicable too as the dance steps and the Latin/international rhythms that we use in Zumba fitness classes are sometimes unfamiliar to new students, and it can be intimidating to feel as though you’re the only person in the room who doesn’t know how to do the dance.

So, to connect people with dance and health, Zumba rhythms like cha-cha, soca, samba, etc. are not often heard in my classes.

Is there a niche group of Zumba like the early twenties or something?

No, there is no specification as such; Zumba is beneficial for all ages. Whether it’s a 50-year-old person or a 5-year old kid, every age group can do Zumba.

Any remarks for the people who want to pick Zumba as their career?

“Yeah! Go for it and you will surely love it because Zumba not only makes people happening but confident too. Zumba is not about being perfect; it’s about having fun and just moving your body the best you can to give yourself a lively personality.”

Shefali’s Dance and Fitness Studio - shefali jain

What are your plans relevant to Shefali’s Dance and Fitness Studio?

Just want to open more branches and want to take more certification courses in the field of dance and fitness both.  

Shefali! Wish you all the very best for your efforts and good luck with your plans relevant to your dance and fitness studio. To know more about Shefali and her Zumba classes, you can connect with her on social media:



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