Satiate your hunger cravings with Zolocrust – The 24*7 live Pâtisserie Restaurant


Zolocrust is the 1st 24*7 live bakery in India ran by a team of 16 top notch chefs. The unique thing about this place is that, for the 1st time chefs came out of their shell and proved that there is nothing they cannot do. From cooking and presentation of food to taking orders, serving the customers, billing the transactions and assuring hygiene of the kitchen, everything is done by the chef’s. It is an extension of the chef’s skills which is not only limited to kitchen but comes out and reach you in its full glory.


Once a person enters the bakery, the 1st thing which is noticeable apart from their huge live kitchen is that they have no back area in the kitchen and even the dish washing area is kept visible for the customers. Thus, standards of hygiene are well-maintained by the chef’s. Further, the simple wooden tables and chairs, the glass walls, dim lights, comfortable couches and soothing music are just add-ons to the beautiful display of cakes, bakes and more.

When you enter and see their live kitchen, other things you do notice is the machine and tools they’re using for making food. There’s a huge cost involved in these machines, the whole idea is to serve a good meal with no compromise on the quality of the food. Though you might think for once why the prices are so high, but when you try their food and see their hospitality, the paid price would be too less in what you get in return.


Zolocrust is not just a live kitchen. It has a lot more to offer

  • A fully equipped poly-house is installed where most of the exotic vegetables (Cherry tomatoes, Rocket leaves and Broccoli) which are used in the restaurant are grown.
  • All the dishes are served in eco-friendly utensils made out of areca leaves by women of South India and the only cutlery used are spoon, fork and knives. Even wine is served in disposable cornstarch paper glasses giving customers an overall different experience. Everything is biodegradable so you are supporting nature as well. Don’t you think this is very rare to find? Yes indeed it is and we are proud that someone took this step towards in making biodegradable India. Well we are proud to see these steps, but when it comes to costing there’s a lot the team of Chef’s is spending on these items for a better cause.
  • A wall with painted disposable glasses adds color and beauty to the place. You must be thinking who did this? We’ll these are painted by valuable customers like you and the beautiful children at NGO “Disha”. Zolocrust not only works keeping in mind the nature, they do work towards the causes as well. The glass painted wall you see, these glasses are bought from NGO Disha to support the greatness they’re spreading.

Right from growing their own vegetables to association with various NGO’s, they are playing their part well in terms of environment friendly café and what’s more is that you can enjoy these scrumptious delicacies 24*7. From our experience and what we have heard from the known ones is that, Zolocrust treats all its customers as their family. We have heard Chef’s always looks good behind the kitchen, but to be frank this is a different experience and Chef’s look much better when they’re right in front of you showing their best of work.

Clarks amer
Home grown vegetables at their Poly House

As said good content can make the readers happy, they very same way food at Zolocrust makes you feels special.

Confused, what all to try? We will make it easier for you:

  1. Pizza AL Caprino or The Roasted Veggie
  2. Apple Beetroot Juice
  3. Expresso Shake
  4. Ciabatta Toast with Mushroom and Garlic
  5. Blueberry Cheesecake
  6. Ravioli in White Sauce
  7. Croissant Sandwich
  8. Gianduja Chocolate Marquise
  9. Tiramisu
  10. Chocolate Pizza

We would highly recommend this place. Thinking of when should we visit it? Anytime I would say, 24 hours of service and everything is available, right from the chefs to the delicious food.

Deserts and Food at Zolocrust:


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